Call of duty mobile mod apk (unlimited money and mod menu)

call of duty MOBILE mod apk

Call of duty mobile mod apk is a shooter video game that is based on world 2. Its first version was released in 2003. In my opinion, there is no need for the introduction of this game because it is the most famous game in the world and has many Guinness world records. For downloading click the below button.


The first version of this game defends against German power. This game attracts many players with its incredible war maps. It contains the most unique maps from other games because it is totally based on war. 

Recently in April 2021 this game sold out its 400 million copies and now earning billion rupees per month. In the United state, this is a more successful video game franchise and the third-best video selling game in the world. Now this game is available in the mobile version for your enjoyment. Now this game is fully optimized for all handheld devices. First, this game was for only PC and laptop users. Now they enhance it for all kinds of devices. If you are a Call of duty lover and want to enjoy its advanced features? Then download the mod version of this game.

Call of duty mobile mod apk

Features of call of duty mobile mod apk 

The call of duty mobile mod apk contains the next-level marvellous features for the entertainment of gamers. For its eye-catching features and realistic graphics, this video game got many awards from all over the world. Like other video games, this application is safe to install and free to play for all gamers. Its mod apk version is compatible with Android devices, probably easy to install and play. Your headache of the update is fixed now because the call of duty mobile mod apk is auto-updated and you do not need to update it. This mod apk version comes with unlocked premium characters, modern weapons, skins, and many more things.

Familiar characters 

There are a lot of amazing things in this game. The first one is familiar characters that were part of the previous version. Many people like and love the old character. They can’t properly enjoy their game without these characters. So that call of duty includes some previous characters in this version. 

Call of duty mobile mod apk

Assuage graphics 

This contains assuage graphics like PUBG and other video games. The animations of graphics are optimized for all kinds of devices. you will never face lagging issues while playing the game.


This game is a cabinet of multiplayer. If you want to defeat people from all over the world, then call of duty mobile mod is for you.  Million players are a part of this game. This basic version of this game is totally free and you don’t need to pay any penny. For premium features and battle passes you have to pay. But if you download the mod version of this you get everything for free.

Call of duty mobile mod apk

No root 

For installing video games or other modded applications you should be rooted. Otherwise, these applications will not be installed. The developer has removed this obstacle from this game. Now there is no need to root your device for installing the mod version of this game. Just download and install the game on your smartphone now.

Call of duty mobile mod apk

Modern weapons 

Many video game players face the issue during reloading the weapons. When they reload the weapons it takes a little bit of time and they can not attack their enemies on time. But you don’t face this problem in this game because it contains the modern weapons that come with an auto-reloading feature. Now you can kill your enemies without wasting any time.


This mod apk version comes with high defence user security now your account will be never banned, delete, or hacked. This version comes with anti-ban features; it means no one can ban this version.

Play with friends 

This is another marvellous feature of this game. Now this game allows you to play online from all over the world. You can also make a team. The benefit of making a team is that you easily achieve the target mission.

Unlimited money 

The COD point is the currency of this game. In the basic version, you get some points after completing a mission or level up. This currency is necessary for purchasing premium staff like upgrade weapons, premium characters, and skins. You will be awarded unlimited COD points in the call of duty mobile mod version. You can not progress in this game without unlimited COD points.

Call of duty mobile mod apk mod menu 

Your mod menu makes your gameplay more enjoyable. You get the unlocked characters, aimbot, auto-reloading weapons, and many more things in the mod menu.

Steps for downloading and installing

Following the below step you can easily download and install the call of duty mobile mod apk on your device?

  • Follow any valid link or go to any safe website.
  • You will see the download button. Click this button.
  • It takes a few seconds to download.
  • Now go to your device download folder and click on the game file.
  • Before installation makes sure you have enabled the unknown source in your mobile settings.
  • When clicking on the game file installation processes will be started. After a few seconds, your game will be installed.
  • Now click on the game icon. Enjoy! Your game is ready to play.
Call of duty mobile mod apk

How to install call of duty mobile apk with 0BB?

If you want to install this game with OBB following these steps you can easily install it.

  • Go to the file manager of your mobile.
  • Then find the download folder of Archiver.
  • Before doing this make sure you have installed an archiver on your device.
  • Now find the file of the OBB archive in the download folder.
  • Once you found a zip archive of the game. Install it by clicking it.
  • A list will appear in which you can see the install option.
  • Then a new window will appear in which click on the install button.
  • The installation process will take some time. It may take 5 seconds.
  • After installation, a window will appear that contains two buttons for open and the next for done.
  • Click on the done button and now your game is ready to play with the OBB.

Important tips 

Here are some important tips that will prove helpful for you to achieve the mission easily. As we know the game is all about shooting enemies, survival, and getting unlimited COD points. If you use such important tips you can easily win the game.

Call of duty mobile mod apk

Select right mode for shooting

This game contains two modes, one is automatic and the other is manual. If you are a pro player then select automatic shooting mode for killing the enemies. If you are beginners you should go with the manual. In manual mode, you click manually on the button for shooting the enemies.

Drone missile 

If you are playing in the multiplayer battleground the features of drone missiles will provide you with progression. On the map using a drone you can easily kill many enemies by throwing the missile. When you kill your targeted enemies you will be awarded some plus points for the next level. The drone will help you to find the correct location of the enemies on the map.


Upgrade weapons 

You can upgrade your weapon when level up and you can also purchase the upgraded weapons by using the COD points. The upgraded weapons come with some advanced features like magazines and stock. These features will also provide you with information on which weapons to use for the enemies.


Height falling 

This is one of the most important tips you should follow. When you fall from the height make sure you are not falling straight. When you fall straight your health will automatically decreased and killing chances will be increased.


Final thoughts 

Call of duty mobile mod apk is a famous shooter multiplayer game. First, it was designed for only PC but now you can use this for android and IOS phones. This game contains the one hundred battle royale battlegrounds, deathmatches, shooter versus shooter fight and you can also play it anywhere. This game also allows you to customize controls and functions. To become the winner of this game you have to love at the end. You fight alone in battle from people all over the world and you can also make a squad for fighting.

Fortnite Mod Apk latest version (Fortnite Mod Menu and unlimited v bucks)

Fortnite Mod Apk

The Fortnite mod apk is an incredible battle royal game in the world right now. I am 100% confident about it you have at least listened once about it. Fortnite is a trending game on the play store because it has a billion registered users.

In the start, it was cross-platform but now everyone can enjoy it on every device like android, IOS, and tablet. Now you can enjoy this game with your friends on mobile. The content of this game is so creative and endless. You will never be bored while playing this game because the design of this game is user-friendly. 

Fortnite is an online video game that was developed by Epic Games in 2017. This game contains fantastic modes save the world, tower defence, Fortnite battle royale, creative Fortnite, and shooter survival. Fortnite battle royale was released in 2017 and creative Fortnite mode was released on 6 December 2018. Fortnite battle royale succeeded in less time because it has engaged 125 million players in less than one year and generated millions of dollars per month.

Fortnite Mod Apk


Fortnite basically has three main modes. Each mode has a different number of players. Most players like to play Fortnite battle royale mobile mode. The battleground of Fortnite battle royale has 100 players fighting each other and allows you to make a team of 4 players or fight alone. When you drop on the island you have nothing for survival and fighting. You have to find armour, weapons, and many other items for fighting. 

If you stay in the safe zone and do not come for fighting in the battleground. Your safe zone will automatically decrease with the passage of time. To become the winning player of the game you have to survive at the end. Don’t miss any chance to kill your enemies otherwise they will kill you and you will lose the game.

Modes of Fortnite mod apk

Save the world

Save the world is the first mode of Fortnite. In which 4 players go into the environment in which 98% of the population is destroyed. The main purpose of these four players is to save the remaining population and collect the item for their survival. In this mode, these 4 players face the attack of zombies. If they were safe from zombies and survived at the end for helping the remaining population, they would get the award of heroes. 

Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile 

Fortnite Battle Royale mobile contains 100 players. A battle bus comes in the map of the game for dropping players. When they come to the island they start finding weapons, vehicles, food, and other items for survival and fighting. The main mission of every player in this mode is to survive as long as possible. You can play this mode alone or with a team of 4 to 3 players. The winner of this game survives at the end alone or with the team.

Fortnite Creative

Fortnite Creative is a similar Minecraft in which players can freely do anything they want. In this mode, the player uses their pickaxe to destroy the old structure of the map for collecting resources like wood, bricks, and materials.

Unlimited v bucks 

The v bucks is the currency of Fortnite. You get limited v bucks after passing the mission. To save the world this currency will help you to buy loot boxes to save the remaining population from the zombies. In Fortnite Battle Royale this currency will help to buy cosmetic items like character skin. You will use v bucks for battle passes in the game. V bucks is money that is used to purchase different things in the game.


Unlimited money 

If you download the basic version of this game you get limited money after passing the mission. If you download a game from this website you will have unlimited money that will never end. Using this money you can purchase everything in the game. The money that is used for purchasing items in Fortnite is also called v bucks.

Realistic graphics

The Realistic graphics of Fortnite attract the player by themselves. The graphics of this game are really amazing. You can visualize each and everything clearly. 

Good quality sound

When you shoot in this game you feel the original sounds. The sound quality of Fortnite is really cool. You can listen to everything clearly. By the sound of enemies shooting you can get the ideas of which weapon they are using.

Different modes 

This game has three main modes. You can choose anyone for playing the game. If you feel bored playing save the world you can easily move creative Fortnite it is up to you.

Play with friends 

Now you can add your friends to the teams. You can also add your family members for entertainment.

Key Features 

Eye-catching character 

Fortnite is a 3D game that consists of a fantastic character. you can modify such characters according to your role in the game. You can select different according to the modes of the game. If you are going to play a role as a leader in royale battle then design yours according to the team leader. This thing will impact your competitors.

Fortnite Mod Apk

Modern weapons  

All the weapons that are used during fighting in this game are well designed and modern. Everyone can easily access these weapons. Using v bucks you also purchase premium weapons for your character.

Latest update 

This game updates every week. Each update comes with new features and items for the players. Most players wait for the update to enjoy the new features. Every update brings new tasks for the players in save the world mode. If you like task-based games then save the world mode of Fortnite is for you.

Different mission 

Each mode of Fortnite has different missions. After passing each mission you get some awards like v bucks, upgrade weapons, and customized characters. 

Fortnite Mod Apk

Features of Fortnite mod apk

  • Fortnite contains 16 modern incredible weapons such as guns, bombs, and axes.
  • Allows you to increase or decrease the power ability of weapons.
  • Contain realistic graphics.
  • Speedly loadable weapons.
  • You can choose different missions.
  • Make your teams and defeat your enemies.
  • Now you can watch your previous matches and choose any mode for the experience.
  • For playing Fortnite you do not need any heavy laptop or pc. Its mobile version and graphic are compatible with android devices. 
  • Fortnite contains many beautiful maps and you can choose anyone according to your interest.

Steps for downloading and installing

Following these steps, you can easily download and install the Fortnite mod apk.

  • First, go to any trusted apk site and download the game.
  • After downloading go to your device download folder.
  • Double click on the game file.
  • The game will begin to start.
  • If you face any problem during installation go to the mobile settings and enable unknown resources.
  • After installation click on the game icon. Your game is ready to play.
Fortnite Mod Apk

Final words 

Fortnite mod apk based on amazing gameplay. In gameplay, you can select fighting, survival, and things creation paths. All kinds of errors and bugs are fixed in the latest version. Just download and install the game.

Faqs (frequently asked questions)

How to download Fortnite on android?

ans: The downloading process of Fortnite for Android is the same as that I have explained above. I have also uploaded the installer version of Fortnite. You can download it for installation.

Do IOS devices support Fortnite?

ns: yes all the latest IOS devices support the Fortnite game. Just 6,6+ and 5s do not support this game.

Which android mobiles are compatible with Fortnite?

ans: Following devices are compatible with Fortnite.

Oppo: F9,F9 Plus, F11, F11 Plus F15,F15plus,F17,F17plus,F19,F19 Plus,all renvo models and also all latest models of Oppo.

Samsung:S10, S10 Plus,S20,S2O plus,S20 Ultra,S21,S21 Ultra pro max and all latest models of Samsung.

Google: Fortnite is compatible with all google devices.

Nokia: Nokia XR20, and X100

LG: LG Wing, LG Velvet, LG G8XThinQ, W30 Green, and  W10 Grey.

Xiaomi:  Blackshark, Xiaomi 11i 5G, Xiaomi 11i HyperCharge 5G, Redmi Note 11T 5G, and Redmi Note 10T.

Razer : Razer Phone 2,  Razer Phone 3 and Razer Phone 4.

Oneplus:OnePlus Nord 2 x, OnePlus Nord 2, OnePlus Nord CE 5G and OnePlus 9R.

Bomb Squad Mod Apk( Full Version Unlocked)

Bomb Squad Mod Apk

The Bomb Squad Mod Apk is an action-based game and people from all over the world like it. The structure of this game is very beautiful, funny, and inspirational. You enjoy a lot of fun while playing the Bomb Squad game online. For downloading click the below button.

When we feel bored we like to play video games. For fun, you can Bomb Squad mod apk with your friends and family members. Bomb squad apk has two modes. You can play any one of them. If you are in the initial stage then play single mode. In a single mode learn many things for improving the game skill. Single-mode is basically designed for beginners. You can do anything because there are no rules and regulations of this game. In single mode, you appear in a small location where other enemies are available. For passing level, you have to kill all enemies.

When you are trained or feeling bored in the single-mode you can switch on multiplayer mode. In this mode of the game, you have to face many dualities. The competition ratio is high in this mode.

The rank of this game among action games is good on the play store because it has ten million registers.

Bomb Squad Mod Apk

Additional Information

App name  Bomb Squad Mod Apk
Publisher   Eric Froemling
Genre   Action
Size                       58.5 MB
Mod info  Full version unlocked
Get on Play store
Update 2 days ago
Requires            5.0 android 
Price                   Free


The gameplay of the bomb squad mod apk very simple. It comes with both online and offline versions. The main purpose of this game is to throw bombs correctly on enemies’ heads and kill them. The main weapon of the bomb squad mod apk is the only bomb. If you use this weapon at the perfect time the chance of winning the game will be increased. When you kill more enemies the winning score will gradually increase.

The control panel of this game is very simple that contains moving, running, punching, and bombing. Press the control button on time for throwing the bomb. Make a great ninja army squad and barbarian for getting an epic tournament award. Don’t forget to invite your friends to show off your brilliant fighting skill.

Enjoy also: Fortnite mod apk

Bomb Squad Mod Apk

The things we like 

Offline mode 

Don’t worry if you don’t have an internet connection. You can play this game offline without any issues. This version is based on single-mode and contains limited features. 

Online mode 

For online playing this game, the internet is necessary. This is a multiplayer mode and contains a lot of impressive that you will never find in any bomb-throwing game. In this mode, you can play game from a worldwide player. You can play with your friends and relatives that belong to other cities or countries.

Free for all 

This marvellous game is free of cost for all. You don’t need to pay any penny.

No age limit 

The bomb squad apk is for all ages people. Children and aged people can play this game for entertainment.

No harmful 

The bomb squad apk is not harmful to all kinds of devices. It is safe for your devices before uploading our team test it.

Easy control panel 

The control panel of this game is very easy to understand and control. For android tv users you have to purchase a gamepad for playing this game.

Several languages 

This game supports many languages. People from all over the world can enjoy this game and communicate with each other by their language.

No huge file 

The file size of this game is not huge. You can run this game on any device. You can easily download and install it.

Keep in mind 

Highly addictive 

This game takes less time to become addictive. Be careful when you install the game.

Key features 

Many modes 

The bomb squad has many mini-games like capture flag, hockey bomber, and epic slow motion. You have to choose just a single or team battle; the game will automatically arrange their match. Some modes of this game are very easy while some are difficult to play.

The hockey bomber is one of the hardest mode of this game. The main mission of this mini mode is to put the ball in the competitor net for getting one score. 

Capture flag is a very interesting mode for all players. For winging this mode you have a passionate team. The mission of the capture flag is to pick the flag that is placed in the centre of the fields.  Your enemies throw bombs on you to pick this flag for their team. For wining this mode you have to save yourself from these bombs. When any player on the team successfully picks a flag, that team gets one point. There are many modes you can play depending on your interest.


Using this mode you can play the game with worldwide players. If you are not feeling good playing them you can also add your friends or relatives for entertainment in multiplayer mode.

Customize characters 

Now you can customize your character according to your desire. You can change their color, dress, shoes and also their skin.

Special edition 

Many beautiful and awesome characters have been added after the update. Now you can enjoy them

What did you get in the bomb squad mods?

The mod contains many locked features for you. You will be surprised after knowing that.

No technical errors 

All the technical errors you faced while playing the game are fixed now.

Unblocked battlefields

Now the all battlefields of the bombs squad have been unlocked. The players can choose any battlefield for playing. If you are using the basic version then you have to pay for this feature.

Unlocked characters

All the premium characters are unlocked; you can choose the best one that you like. This game also allows you to customize it.

Unlimited bombs 

Bombs are the main weapons of this game. Every player in this game wants an unlimited quantity of bombs. Now in the mod, you can enjoy the unlimited bombs while playing the game.

UnlimIted health 

Now you can enjoy unlimited health that proves helpful for survival in the game.

How to download and install?

Following these steps, you can easily download and install Bomb Squad Mod Apk.

  • Go to google search for the game name.
  • Select any valid website.
  • Click on the download button.
  • If your internet connection is strong it takes a few seconds and if you have a weak connection then it takes some time for downloading.
  • Before installation goes to the mobile setting and enables unknown resources.
  • Now go to the file manager.
  • Find the download folder and double-click the game file for installation.
  • It takes a few seconds for installation.
  • After installation click on the game icon, your game is ready to play.


The bomb squad mod apk is an adventure-based game. This game has a lot of mini-game for you. You can customize your character according to your desires to show off your friends.

Many more you can arrange the matches with your friends and also the family members for entertaining.


What is the difference between bomb squad pro and bomb squad apk?

Ans: Bomb squad pro contains some advanced features and we have to pay to avail of such features. In bombs squad apk all these features are unlocked for free.

Is this safe to install?

Ans: This 100% safe application you can install on your device without any is a virus-free application.

Is the control panel of this game easy to control?

Ans: yes, the control panel of this game is based on a button you can easily control and understand all functions easily