mini militia mega mod apk

Mini Militia Mega mod apk (latest version 7X zoom )

This is another mod developed by phoenix for enjoyment and for getting more popular all over the world. In this Mini Militia mega mod, you get many battle points free of cost. These battle points help you in many ways. Using these battle points, you can purchase weapons and many more from the store you want for your player. For downloading click the below button.

When you download a game from the play store for enjoying this mod, you need to pay some amount. But here, you can easily download it without paying anything.

One more fantastic thing you will be excited about after knowing it. When installing this mod, you can easily change your player’s skin. Every ninja player desires to have a good avatar. Because the avatar is showing the personality of your player on your map. Here you enjoy a lot of avatars and change everything of your player that wants to impress the competitor in the game. 

What do you get in Mini Militia Mega mod?

In this mod, you enjoy all features you want to see in your player. In this mod, all premium features are unlocked free of cost for you. This mod helps us to win the game competitor easily with great rank. This game is top-rated and highly demandable all over the world. Especially children like this game because it contains doodle base cartoons. So as heading you can guess, you get unlimited everything here, like life, bullets, weapon and bombs. So What do you need? Play the game and enjoy your day with friends. 

We will provide you with a tested version of the mega mod that works perfectly on your device. We also guarantee that no issue will come while playing the game on this mod. Our primary purpose is to provide you perfect mini militia mega mod. in addition, and you will also enjoy many unique features that you never wanted before this.

What is new in this mod?

  • You can easily add your friend
  • Easily play custom rooms
  • You can search by nickname or id
  • Online multiplayer 
  • You can play up 6 players 
  • 20 maps 
  • Modern types of weapon 
  • Many mods 
  • Shooting mission
  • Doodle based 
  • All features are unlocked in mini militia mod apk 
  • Now you can play this online, offline and also using a hotspot 
  • These games contain unlimited money, ammo and nitro 

The installation process of mini militia mega mod apk

Follow these steps, and you will be able to install the game.

  • There is no hard and fast rule for installing this game.
  • If you have an old version, uninstall it. before installing this mode.
  • Click on the link.
  • It takes a little bit of time to download.
  • Now go to your google drive where you see this app. 
  • Google drive was the right place, so that is why I recommend google drive.
  • Now install and play the game.

Key features 

  • Custom design your character.
  • Modern weapons using these you can easily defeat your enemies.
  • Able to operate 20 maps for playing the games.
  • Cartoon type doodle character.

7x zoom weapons 

As we know, this model is modified by good developers. They have 7x zoom features in all of your weapons. Now you can zoom with the light scope of your guns and efficiently target them. You can enjoy this feature in all weapons-free of cost.

Online play mode 

This mode allows you to play online like other modes. It consumes a little bit of your internet data. You can add your friends by their real id or their nickname.

Unlocked pro pack

Like other modes, the latest version of the pro pack is also unlocked in this mode. You can enjoy all the pro pack features in this mode free of cost.

 Behind Bushes 

In this mode, you can see who is behind the bushes. This feature helps you target your enemies. Before this feature, you do not know what is behind the bushes.

Free store items 

Before this mod, you need money to purchase the item from the store. When you install the mode, you can buy all items from the store free of cost.

Custom team battle

Now you can easily make custom rooms and custom teams for fighting. Now invite your friend and create a custom team for the fight.


  • In this mod, you can do unlimited shopping for weapons and whatever you want to purchase from the store, use unlimited battle points.
  • You will be able to make custom rooms in which you invite yours by their nickname and id.
  • When installing this mod, you easily customize your weapons, skin, and avatar free of cost without paying any penny.
  • All the bugs and issues are fixed in this mod that you’re facing in the previous version.
  • Now you can easily set up your premium profile without facing any issues.
  • In this mode, new glasses and shoes have been added. Now you can change the glasses and shoes of your player in online mode.
  • You can easily defeat your boose enemies using your custom weapon in the zone.
  • In this man, you enjoy stickman. He is the main character in this game.
  • For enjoying this, you should follow all the policies of this game.

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