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Mini Militia Mod Apk Latest Verson 2022(Doodle army 2)

The doodle army or mini militia mod apk is a classic game in which up to 6 players can play simultaneously. It takes less time to become addicted because it is an interesting game you enjoy and fun while playing. If you are a doodle lover, this game will become interesting for you. For downloading click the download button.

Additional Information

App NameMini Militia Mod APK
Genre Action
Size 42.7MB
Latest version v5.3.4
MOD Info Unlocked
Get it On Playstore
MOD Features Unlimited Energy and Gold
Content Rating 4.2

Alternative game: Free Fire, Mini Militia hack

Mini Militia Mod Apk

In this game, a stick man spends most of their time in the jungle for survival. There are many maps with high-class weapons, bombs, and nitro health. This part of the game makes it more interesting, engaging, and enjoyable. The mini Militia is a very interesting game among various players. Many developers modified this game to make it more beautiful.

This version of militia modes is specially designed to fulfil the desired requirements of many players that want to win there for their competitors easily because all the premium features are unlocked for your enjoyment. You can easily find out the all mod version of Mini Militia on this website. Many quality features and amazing things are waiting for us to come and play. The mini Militia is also called doodle army 2 . This game was developed in 2015. Mini Militia is a 2D game you can easily play on any mobile. It is not a heavy game like PUBG and free fire. This game was developed for children because it is a cartoon character-based game.

When you play this, your interest will increase with time. This means the purpose of this game is to engage the players. A time comes when you are fully addicted to this game. In this game, different maps are created to find the weapons. To fulfil the player’s requirements and desires, different developers make this to make it more attractive and awesome. Here is the best pro pack with unlocked pro features you ever desire for this game. In this modified version, unlimited health, battle point and ammo are already available. Enjoy!

mini militia mod apk


  • You can easily add your friend
  • Easily play custom rooms
  • You can search by nickname or id
  • Online multiplayer 
  • You can play up 6 players 
  • 20 maps 
  • Modern types of weapon 
  • Many mods 
  • Shooting mission
  • Doodle based 
  • All features are unlocked in mini militia mod apk 
  • Now you can play this online, offline and also using a hotspot 
  • These games contain unlimited money, ammo and nitro 
mini militia mod apk

Latest pro pack mod v5.0.1 2021

This is the latest pack of mini Militia. Like other games, if you want to unlock some pro features of the latest pro pack mod, they ask to pay around $5 for this, but here you can download it free of cost. You can enjoy many premium features in this pack that are not available in the free version. That is why we called it pro pack mod v5.0.1. There are many following features.

  • Now you can unlock your online content. 
  • Many modern weapons such as rocket launchers, sniper rifles and many others.
  • You will be able to pick the 2 doodle guns simultaneously.
  • Many beautiful avatars. 
  • Character customization. 
  • Many coins. 
  • Note: You can enjoy all these features if your friends have the new latest version of mini militia mod apk.

Advanced Mini Militia Mods

The mod developers try to make the changes that you never think of in real apk games. The list of the advanced mod below you can also enjoy these mods.

Pros of mini militia

  • You can use all modified features free of cost. You don’t need to pay any money for this.
  • This game contains anti-ban. It means this game will never be banned.
  • When you play this, you will be highly addicted because you enjoy it a lot.
  • You can play this game online, offline and also through Bluetooth.
  • If you are a newbie in this, you can practice in training mode.
  • You can make a custom room where you invite or add to your friend by their name or ids.
  • Contains more than 20 maps.
  • You can also play this game on your pc or laptop.

Cons Of Mini Militia

  • Sometimes this works slow.

Hacked Ac Market 

Ac Market has developed the mod of Mini Militia for playing the game. It is one of the stable mods in this game. If you’re playing games with your friends or playing online, you can enjoy this mode in both situations. This mod comes with unlocked pro packs. There are too many battle points in this mod, and you can purchase many guns, powers and many things using these points. This is one of the most enjoyable mods in this game, and you enjoy it when you play the game. Many people don’t know about it, and they pay money for purchasing it. But here we are, providing you with unlocked pro packs where this feature is already unlocked.

The character of Mini militia 

This game is based on doodle. If you are a doodle lover, this game is totally for you. There are many other stages like the battle in which you fight your enemies. They hold guns or other weapons and kill each other. To win this game with a great rank, you have to kill many doodles during the fight. There are many weapons in this game, and you use any premium weapon because weapons are already unlocked for your enjoyment.


 You can choose your favourite region or location where you want to play this game. There are 20 different maps in which you can choose any location from these maps according to your desires.

Offline Play Mod

 One of the most amazing things is that you can play this offline. If all your friends gather in a place and do not have any internet, you also play this. That is why I love the amazing features of this game. There are both modes available in this game you play offline and online.

 Play with Bluetooth 

This game has a wide range of connectivity; that is why people like it. In the latest update, you will be able to connect this game with Bluetooth. In these features, little has bugs, and the developer is trying to resolve them as soon as possible.

Online Play 

You enjoy these features if you have a mini militia mod apk. In this game, 6 players play the game. When you play, online 6 players are all over the players with your game. The game algorithm automatically selects these players. You can also play with your friends in a custom room and search by nickname or ids. This mod is also called quick mod, and this is only available in the mini militia mod apk.

mini militia mod apk



In survival mode, the enemies sent by the server have to kill them. In this model, we also create the group.

Survival solo 

In this mode, we play alone and kill the enemies sent by the captain.

Team Death Match 

This is one of the best things in this game. Most people like this. This feature is available in both mod mini militia mod apk and Mini Militia. In this mode, you make your team and fight against the other team. They enjoyed it a lot in this fight and spent their free time playing this game.

Slowly this game becomes part of their life. They fight against another team. Their main purpose is to win the game in every condition in this situation.


If you’re a newbie in this game and don’t have any experience in this game. You can practice in training mode. When you are confident, then you can play in the real interface. This is an amazing model for a newbie.

mini militia mod apk

One-shot kill 

One-shot kill is a modified version of Mini Militia. In this mode, developers add the extra functionality for killing the enemies. Using this mode, you can kill your enemies with one bullet. For this, you don’t need any special weapon. This version works on all weapon types. you can easily win the game to your competitor just using a one-shot kill.

If you want to win the game in less time, you should use a one-shot kill to kill your enemies because you kill them by using only one bullet that saves your time and helps you win the game instantly. Normal pastel and guns have very low damage, and these take 6 to 7 bullets for killing only one enemy. Now there is no need to take tension. in one shot, you kill only your enemies just using only one bullet, which is the beauty of this model. Many pro play like one shot for this purpose.

If you are a mini militia lover, you can also enjoy the many other versions of this game covered on this website.

Features of one-shot kill 

This mode contains the following features that may become interesting for you. 

  • You can kill your enemies by using one bullet. 
  • It takes less time to win this game.
  • Many battle points. 
  • You can get the damaging effect of 2x to 4x. 
  • High-performance reloading speed.
  • Already pro packs open.
  • Double wield. 
  • Ni limitation on any weapons.
  • You can use any weapons for killing.

What’s new in this mod (update2021)?

This mode has some amazing features like other modes of this game. One-shot kill increases great damage when we kill our competitor. The first time this version was released was in 2020. Now, you can enjoy this. All the bugs you are facing in the previous version have been removed.

Some player report in the version game has been lagged and disconnected to the map, and now all the issues are fixed. In the new update, 2x,3x and 4x damage features have been added for your enjoyment and also many ads-dons has been added.

  • Boost regen
  • Health regen 
  • Increase your boost 
  • Gold eagle 
  • Laser sight 
  • Gas Grenada 
  • instant reload 
  • Mask pack
  • Increase the level of accuracy 
  • Meela plus 10

Some players were facing stuck wall errors. When this error came then, they went back beyond the fix. This was a coding error. Now developers have fixed this error. Now you can enjoy the desired features of this game without facing any kind of error.

If you are willing to test the feature of this mod, you can enjoy it. It depends on your desire if you want to play it continuously. No doubt, this is an amazing game. Everybody can play this game for entertainment. If you want to enjoy this game, I recommend using the latest device.

Player guide(video)

If you are new to this game, you will love it because there is no limitation, and it comes with advanced features. Before this, many new players lost the game, and they felt disappointed. Because they can’t get the advanced features, I will suggest you shoot your enemies from a distance so they can not detect you easily. Before starting a fight, make sure that your weapons are filled with bullets. Follow the red cross, and you can kill your enemies with just one bullet. If you need more guidelines, then watch this video.

Mini Militia fly through walls

If you want to show magic to your competitor, this mod is for you. When you are playing the game, prank your enemies and show them the magic of skipping walls. You can perform this action when using the mini Militia to fly through walls. I will provide you with complete information about this version in this article.

Fly through walls is modified by developers. You also enjoy many features like player disappearing, unlimited boost, and many more. The main purpose of this game is to provide non-stop gameplay without any issues. This version also includes gravity independent. Now your player can stay in the space zone without any jetpack. You can on-off these features according to the game situation. So now your avatar can fly in space.

Play game with friends over internet 

Everybody wants to play with their friends. If your friends live in cities and countries but they have an internet connection. Now you can play this game with them. You just need to add your friends to the server and play games with them. For using this option, you need to log in to your Google or Facebook account.

How to Download and Install Mini Militia apk? 

  Following these, you will easily download this game. 

  • Go to any secure link and website. 
  • Click on the download button.
  • you will be waiting until it downloads.
  • It takes a little bit of time to download. Mostly it depends on your internet connection.
  • People easily download this game but get stuck when they try to install it. Now you will easily install the game following these steps.
  • After downloading some mobiles give the option to install but some can not.
  • If your mobile can not give the install option, go file manager.
  • Go to the download section. 
  • Click on install.
  • Installation may have failed because there is a reason behind this.
  • Go to your mobile settings and activate the unknown resources.
  • By activating this now, you will be able to install the third-party app easily. 
  • Go file manager and open mini militia mod apk. 
  • Click on install. It takes a little bit of time.
  • Now enjoy your game.

Mini militia avatar names

Following are the names of Mini militia avatars.

  1. Darth Vader
  2. Spart
  3. Killing machine
  4. Knight rider 
  5. Joker
  6. Dead-end 
  7. One shoot killer
  8. Suicide machine 

History of mini militia 

Now I am going to tell you about the history of the mini militia. This was developed by Miniclip Chinese company. It is a multi-international company in the technology field. First, this game was developed for iPhone and ios devices. When this game gets unexpected success on ios devices, the company has to decide to lunch this for android devices. Then the company starts working on android devices. When this game was released for Android devices, it got more success than IOS. This has many fans following all over the world, but nowadays its player decreases when PUBG launched and many people love it and like to play this game.  


Mini militia mod apk doodle army 2 is the most famous game worldwide. As we know, the battleground was a popular game before the launch of PUBG. This is a famous game among all ages of people. This game has its fans following its amazing features.


 1- Can we play this game on a laptop or pc?

Ans: yes, can you play this on a lap or pc. You have to download the pc version of mini Militia or use any emulator you install this game on pc or laptop easily.

2- All premium packs or resources will unlock?

Ans: yes, all premium packs and resources will be unlocked. Suppose you download the mod version.

3-Can this game be banned?

Ans: Never, because this game comes with ant ban features.

4- What is the latest size of doodle army 2 mini militia mod apk?

Ans: the latest doodle army 2 mini militia size is 44 MBS.

5-can we play this game on Windows phones?

Ans: you can not play games on a Windows phone. But you can play on your laptop or pc.

6-can we add our friends online?

Ans: This feature has come in the latest update. Now you can add your friends online.

7- How many maps are there in this game?

Ans: There are 20 maps in this game.

8-How many players play this game online?

Ans: Up to 6 players can play this game online.

9-How many ways can we play doodle army 2?

Ans: you can play this game online, offline and through a hotspot.

10-Can make a custom play?

Ans: After this update now you can easily make a custom play.

11-Is doodle army 2 is a character-based game?

Ans: yes, this game is totally character-based, and if you are a doodle lover, you like it more.

12- Can we play this game on a tablet?

Ans: yes, you can play this game on any device.

13-Is doodle army 2 mini militia is an offline game?

Ans: Mini militia action based game. You can play this game online or offline, using a hotspot and also Bluetooth.

14-How do we add the players while playing?

Ans: In the latest update, this game allows you to add your friends all over the world by searching their names and ids.

15-what should we do when mini militia is not working?

Ans: Many players face this issue. When you mini Militia us not, first of all, check your internet connection. If your internet connection is ok, then uninstall it and download it from my website.

16-why mini Militia is not installed?

Ans: When you face this issue directly, go to your mobile setting and allow all permission. now will be able to install any app and game without facing any issue.

17-what is the pro pack of mini Militia?

Ans: The pro pack is a paid version of the doodle army mini militia that comes with many premium features. If you are using the basic version, then you pay around 5$ to 10$ to unlock this pack. But here, you get this version free of cost without paying any amount.

18-can mini militia hack?

Ans: I know you want all premium free of cost. You can download the all premium version of this free of cost here. If you already have installed this game, then uninstall it. Here on this website, we have an original app of this without any issue. When you uninstall the game, then download it here. All versions of this are available here. You can download it according to your desire.

If you face a problem while installing the game, then go to your mobile setting to allow unknown resources if disabled. Now click on install. After installation, turn off your internet connection if it is on. Now enjoy your game. Turn on your internet if needed; otherwise, everything is ok. Now you have done each and everything of this game successfully.

19-How to download mini Militia for pc and laptop?

Ans: you can download Mini Militia for pc and laptop here. Another method is that if you want to enjoy this basic version of this game, then install the blue stacks on your laptop. After installation, go search bar, search mini Militia and download. After downloading, you can install and play the game on your laptop.

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