Mini Militia Old Version (Download and 100% working everything)

Mini Militia Old Version

The Mini Militia old version has some features that we never forgot. This game is for all kinds of people. Some senior players mainly like the old version. Many players start their game on the previous version, so they don’t want to leave it. link of all versions below here you can download anyone.

This version has its own unique features and modes. This is a 2D graphic game. I know 2D is old, but this version has its own worth in the game industry. Sometimes you face a problem while installing the new version. The latest version contains some issues that are not fixed perfectly. So that is why it creates some issues while installing the on your devices.

Now almost all the problems are fixed day by day. It is up to you which version you like to play the game. Most developers fix the issues after reporting the player which they are facing. One of the best things about the old model is that you don’t face any kind of error. Because in which everything is already fixed for you. Each version has some unique attributes that attract the interest of the players. Some players don’t want to go advance so that they stick to the previous Min militia.

Mini Militia Old Version

Additional information

App nameMini Militia Old Version
Version 4.0.11 old
Size 39.58 MB
Current ratings4.1
Current download100 Million plus
The current version of game5.2.1
Update 2 days ago

Mini Militia old version Download

The old version is very lightweight, and you can download it on any device. The old version is offline, and you need the internet just for downloading this game. The size of this game is small. Your interest in this game will be increase with time. For downloading, just click on the download button.

Following these steps, you can easily download and install the game.

  • When you click on the old version button, the process of downloading will be started.
  • It takes a little bit of time.
  • Go to the file manager and find the download folder when it downloads.
  • Click the file and install.
  • If any problem comes while installation goes to the mobile setting and turn on unknown resources.
  • Your problem is fix and now enjoy the game. 

You can also enjoy such mode of Mini Militia: Mini Militia Cheats and chat code


In this game, six players can play simultaneously from anywhere in the world. You can also add your abroad friends and also your family member. You have an internet connection for the new version, and for the old version, the internet is unnecessary. In the game, you fight against your enemies using different premium weapons. For getting a premium weapon, you have to pay some money, but if you download it here, all is free. 

The winner of this game kills all their enemies and survives in the end. Getting win an award, you have to do a lot of struggle. Never lose heart for a winning prize; it will be you in the coming days. Try to kill your competitor in less and get ranked. When you get a high rank, it will boost your profile.

When your profile grows, the chance of getting a winning award will increase automatically. Never consider yourself looser and use many strategies to become a winning player. Different version has different features. Like in old we could play only six players, and it was also offline. In new up to 6 players can and it allows to play online, offline, or via Bluetooth.

Important tip

You should fix the matchmaking problem before starting the game. Because it becomes a big problem for you if you don’t fix it carefully, so once you make sure before playing the game you have to fix this headache. Some players are always backward in the game. You can be one of them if you don’t do such settings in your gameplay. So first fix those problems that become the headache in future.

Mini Militia Old Version

Mini Militia Old Version Hack

If you want to increase the speed of your device for this game, just once restart the device. If you face a problem during this game, just clear cache your all most problems will be fixed. The old version militia mini hack is the same as the new one if you download it for this website; all premium features are free. It is safe and secure. It will not create any kind of error during installation and not prove harmful for your device. 

As we know, many games are paid for now in the online market. Even you have to pay for each premium feature of the game. The mini militia is a beautiful game in the game industry, and it always remains for our coming generation. The new game can not fill the fun of this game.

This is an action, adventure, and shooting game. When you land on the map, you find weapons and vehicles. Weapons are used for shooting, and cars you used for yarn. Both things are necessary to live long in the game. When you live long, there are chances to become the winner.

About app 

The mini militia old version is one of the most famous versions. The size of this version is almost 39.58MB. The new version has its charm, but the old is old. This game has 100MB plus downloads on the play store and almost has a good rating.


The mini militia old version is still prevalent in many countries. Once you are addicted to this game, it is not easy to leave it. It wastes your time but also provides you with entertainment. So don’t forget to share your experiences with us about this game. Still, you can ask in the comment box if you have any issues or questions. We try to cover all problems here but still remain. You can post in a comment and contact us via the contact page. We will try to provide the best solution to your issues.

Mini Militia for PC, laptop, and window 10,8,11 (Download)

Mini militia for PC

Mini militia for PC is an action game. When people are addicted to this game, they can not live without playing it. Some people play this on mobile and tablet. Many people also like to play this game on pc, laptop, and Windows screen. I personally like to play this on the big screen on a comfortable chair. Because on the big screen we enjoy the authentic taste of the game. For downloading click the below button.

Many pro players play this on the big screen. Most players want to switch this game from mobile or tablet to pc and laptop. Now you can do this easily without facing any issues. With the latest technology, you can do everything that you want in your life. Here I will guide you on how to download this game for pc and laptop. Many developers are trying to make a mod version.

But recently, they can not succeed in their mission when the mod version for pc and laptop comes. We will provide you. Now you can use the original version of this game for your windows. Read the below instruction carefully. We will teach you how to download, install and play this game on your computer without lags and buffers issues. You can play this game on your laptop and pc if your system meets the minimum requirement for playing this game.

Many players already know about this game. But here, I will describe a few lines about this game. This multiplayer game is based on doodles and characters. This is developed for both android and ios devices.

The minimum requirement is playing this game on the computer. Your computer should have at least 4 GB of RAM. If you can increase, it will be better for you. Your machine has at least a dual-core processor that runs at a 1.5GHz frequency without heating. Use SSD drive inside of hardware because it will be helpful for your computer speed.

Mini militia for PC

 Additional information

NameMini Militia for PC
Size 42.64
Update Two days ago
window 11,10,8,7
processor At least dual-core.

Key features of Mini Militia for PC

Here I am going to tell you some fantastic features of mini militia for PC, after knowing that you will be amazed.

  • This game allows you to play 12 players if you have a wifi connection or use the wifi internet.
  • Suppose you are a beginner and don’t have any idea about this game. You can enjoy the practice mode of this game. Using practice mode, make yourself strong as you can.
  • Get unlimited everything in this mode you ever desire for your avatar.
  • Now you can play this game against your friends or relatives on your pc or laptop. But for this, you can download the emulator or Bluestack.
  • You don’t need a heavy and expensive device for playing this game.
  • Now mini militia ranks the player according to their performance. So focus on your performance and get the rank in the game. You can increase the performance by winning the match in less time. Using mini militia mod apk, you can easily win the game against your competitor. Because in which all the premium features are free for a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Just search box search mini militia mod apk and download it?
  • Now the category of the weapons will be different for the different maps. You will get the experience of every kind of weapon.
  • Reload your gun fastly using the cheats code after killing an enemy. A cheating code saves you a lot of time if you use it carefully.

How to download mini militia for PC and Install

If you already know about Bluestack, it will be better for you. If you don’t have any idea about this, don’t worry. I will tell you and teach you each and everything about this. The Bluestack is an emulator. The file size of this is about 400MB that is a little bit huge.

If you have a good internet connection, it takes less time for downloading, and if you have a weak connection, then it takes a little bit of time for downloading. You can also use IDM for boosting download speed. But it is not necessary you can download it as you want. Following these steps, you can easily download, install and play this game on your computer.

  • Suppose you want to download Bluestack from the official website. Just go to your browser and write Bluestack download. Many websites will appear on SERP. You choose the official website and download it there. If you use IDM for downloading, you can download it in just a few minutes.
  •  When the file is downloaded, go to your downloading folder. Double click on the Bluestack file the installation process will be started.
  • You can select the custom folder for Bluestack install in your window. You can also choose defaults, but it depends on you.
  • When the installation process completes, double click on the Bluestack icon to your desktop.
  • Go to the main interface of this Bluestack, where all apps are placed.
  • Find the search bar and search mini militia. When a mini militia appears, just click on the download button. It takes 2 to 3 minutes for downloading.
  •  No need to drag and drop any files. Bluestack automatically installs there. Just double click on ap the installation process is the same.
  • Wait for a second, and a notification will appear saying your mini militia is installed.
  • When a mini militia icon appears on your screen, it means your game is installed on your pc.
  • Now you can play this game on pc. Just enjoy the game.
Mini militia for PC


 The Mini militia for PC is suitable for different kinds of people. We can enjoy this game in our leisure time for entertainment. There are various maps in this game, and we can land any one of them. We explore them while playing this game. We add our friends all over the world for playing this game. Overall this is good for children and young age people. Let’s play and enjoy the game.

When you are tired or bored playing this on your mobile, install it on your pc and enjoy it on the big screen. You can also make it more enjoyable by using the game handle. The game handle makes many things easy for you. On the big screen, you can visualize everything. When you can play the game on the screen, you have to call your attention on the mobile screen. I love to play games on my pc and laptop using the game handle.

If you have any questions about this game or face problems during installing this game on your pc, post in the comment section. In the comment section, you ask your queries, and we will be happy to provide you with the solution to your problems. So don’t forget to share your experience playing this on a laptop or pc. If your friend does not know about this feature, share this article with him as sharing is caring. Download and make your entertainment world.

Mini Militia Cheats and Chat Code

Mini Militia Cheats and Chat Code

Using Mini militia cheats and chat code you can play this many formats. Many communities operate these codes for playing games on android in the world. These codes are used for all devices like android, IOS, and pc. This game got popular in the world by using these kinds of principles for the entertainment of players. For downloading click the below button.

 will tell you how to enter these codes into the game. These codes we also called the tricks. This code proves helpful in many ways in the game. For a shortcut, you will need these codes. So remember these codes carefully and use them while playing the game. Each code has its own characteristics. 

Mini Militia Cheats and Chat Code

How to use Mini Militia Cheats and Chat code?

Using these is not a difficult task for anyone. If you download the pro version of this game, you already have these codes. If you want to use the codes manually, then you can add these codes when you are playing the game.

These codes are specially developed for those who take advantage of time. It also saves you a lot of time because you just manually add the code, and your purpose is done. If we use these codes carefully and on time, we easily become the winner of the game. Such great things make many missions easy for us in the game. Many players in the game don’t aware of such great techniques.

  • For army players, the duke is a cheat code. 
  • For reloading, tootsie pop is a cheat code. 
  • For unlimited battle points, the gummy bear is a cheat code.

Mini Militia cheats developer’s codes.

These are developer codes that you can manually input for a specific mission. Using these developer codes, you easily get success in your mission. Be careful using such code and make sure the code is correct.

  • For Auto Shield, use this code: AS-197io12HTV.
  • For extra bullets, use this code: EB-RLi97Typ4.
  • For extra mela attacks, use this code: MA-RDi027474.
  • For weapon, upgrade use this code: WU-MN45789

NOTE: These codes only work for the developer preview of the game.

Cheat codes 

The chat code of mini Militia is developed for time-saving in the game. When you are fighting or shooting your enemies on the battleground, then you don’t have time to write the complete message. So that time, you use such codes for chatting with your squad for instructions. Some we use these codes for instruction and some time use for the direction in mini militia mod apk. So before using these, first remember and understand. If you make one character mistake, the meaning of the word will automatically change. So there are benefits and some bad impacts of such code in the games.

Following are chat codes of mini militia apk.

  • GG: Good game.
  • GM: They will get me.
  • NS: Nice shoot.
  • GS: get someone in the game.
  • LG: Let go.
  • GS: Get some 
  • BI: Bring it 
  • RU: Ready up.
  • CM: cover me
  • MV: Move it
  • GU: Get up
  • BI: Bring it
  • CO: come on
  • SI: shoot it
  • COB: come on, boy.
  • WW: what are you waiting for.
  • LG: let go.
  • WED: what are you doing.

There are tons of chat codes, but I have just written some important chat codes which we use daily in the game.

Key Features of Mini Militia Cheats and Chat Code 

Some important features I have highlighted for you.

  • You will get an unlocked pro pack.
  • Able to customize avatars.
  • Extra power will help us during the fight.
  • Anti-ban mode means this game will never be banned.
  • Get unlimited coins freely. Coins are called money, and using these; we can purchase many things from the game store.
  • You can make a custom team in which you can add our family members and friends anywhere from the world.
  • Twenty maps unlock. Now we can explore many maps for shooting and survival to become the winner.
  • And much more here I just describe importantly. When you play this, you can explore many other game features.
  • Now we can play online or offline this game.
  • Using these codes, we can win the game in less time.

Mini militia doodll2 army cheats and chat code.

A few weeks ago, Miniclip added amazing new features to the mini militia mods apk. These features have been added after understanding the requirement and report analysis. It is most one of the favourite games among many people worldwide. Some new fast shooter weapons have been added. You can also call this new update pro pack to unlock. You will get a free pro pack here. In the free version, they demand money to unlock the pro pack.

But don’t worry, you get all premium updates and features freely here on this website. There are no fake links on this website. All uploaded apk already tested before uploading. I know every player is waiting for the new update to enjoy the new features. Because every mini militia latest version comes with new features, almost all bugs are fixed in this new version. Now you can play this game without facing any issues.

What’s new in the update mini militia apk?

In the previous version, the shooting button was not working properly. Many players lost the game against their enemies for this reason. Because they are not able to shoot their enemies properly, and you can’t control the player. Many players report this issue. Now, this issue is fixed, you can easily maintain your avatar and shoot your enemies. Now your gun will never be stuck during the fight against your competitor, and you can win without wasting your energy and time.

How to update mini militia apk?

Many people ask this question about how to update the latest version of the mini militia apk, and some people face issues during updates. So here I will tell you how to update this game fingertips without facing any kind of issue. First of all, log out of your previous version and remember the login password and email. Uninstall the previous version and download and install the new updated version.

After downloading the latest version, go login input your password and email. Now you’re in your old account with a new updated version. If you can’t do this, then apply another method. Download pro pack from this website and install. All updated features have been included in this pro pack, and this is not paid for.You can download all modes and update versions from this website with just one click.

Mini Militia Mod Apk Unlimited Ammo and Nitro ( health and money)

Mini Militia Mod Apk Unlimited Ammo and Nitro

In mini militia mod apk unlimited ammo and nitro, you get without paying any money. In the free version, each and everything is limited and you can’t enjoy the real taste of the game.  In the free version sometimes you are disappointed because your enemies continuously attack you. For downloading click the below button.

You can’t do anything because you have limited resources. But now you don’t need to get any kind of tension here. In this mode, each and everything is free of cost. After installing this mod you will be able to defeat your enemies easily and get high-rank day by day.

Mini Militia Mod Apk Unlimited Ammo and Nitro

Key Feature 

The important features of mini militia unlimited everything is highlighted below.

  • There is no malware.
  • Don’t feel any hesitation your device is safe from any kind of virus that is harmful to your device.
  • This verifies all mods working perfectly.
  • You don’t need to pay because this is totally free for you.
  •  There is no chance to ban this game because it is legally verified and comes with anti-ban features.
  •  Before updating this there were only 2 to 3 maps. Many get bored playing again and again on the same map. But now you can explore 20 maps in this game. You can defeat your enemies by exploring these maps.
  • For the entertainment of players, many advanced things have been added. 
  • The online free version would not give you the permission to enjoy paid tools but after downloading mini militia unlimited ammo and nitro apk. You will all pay for the thing free. 
  • The doodle character gets the most interest while playing the game. Many players become addicted to this game in a few days.
  • One more interesting thing about this game is that you can play this game offline or you can play this game using a hotspot, without the internet.
  • You can play mini militia sharing wifi with your 12 friends at the same time.
  • The mini militia is a high-resolution game for android devices. 
  • When you make custom rooms you will be able to chat with your friends or players in-game.
  • You get unlimited health, money, coins, ammo, nitro, and bullets.
  • The reviews of this game on the play store are more than 2 million.
  •  There are many features but I have only described only important ones that prove beneficial for you while playing to defeat your enemies.
  • After installing these modes you can have unlimited special types of launchers.
  • In this mode, you get health that will never end.
  • You will get rid of limited nitro.
  • No limit to bumps usage.
  • You can easily pick any gun that you want.
  • With each weapon, you will get guidelines of their usage. 

Unlimited health 

Health is the main part of the game. It is also called the life of a player. If you lost life it means you lost the game. Many players lose by attacking their enemies with bullets, bombs, and rocket launchers. But now don’t worry here is the solution to this. Now your player is never defeated by your enemies.No enemies kill you while you are playing the game online or offline because here you get unlimited health for the player. Every player in the game wants to have a lifetime until he kills his enemies.

Unlimited Ammo

Ammo is a set of bullets. In the free version only limited bullets for guns. These bullets end during a fight. When your bullets or ammo ends your competitor easily kills you with his bullets. In this case, your dream of getting a higher rank does not come true. This model is specially designed for these features. But many developers provide the solution to this by modifying its core files and adding the feature of unlimited ammo. Unlimited provides you with unlimited gun bullets that prove helpful to defeat the enemies in the battle. Now just your enemies.

Mini Militia Mod Apk Unlimited Ammo and Nitro

Unlimited money and battle points 

As you know money is everything. Without money, we can just imagine not being able to purchase anything that we desired. The mini militia is in the same situation. But if you download mini militia in which unlimited money and battles are added. Using the battle points you can shop for anything like premium weapons, avatars, and many things that you want to buy. In the free mod, you get only limited battle points for shopping.

Mini Militia Mod Apk Unlimited Ammo and Nitro

Unlimited nitro 

Some players want unlimited money and some want ammo. Each player has his own choice of what he wants. Nitro is those players who want to fly on the map. In the free version, you get limited nitro. After finishing this nitro you can’t fly more. Nitro takes the same time for reloading. But mini militia apk you get unlimited nitro that will never finish. Now players can fly as much as they want to fly. By flying you can easily shoot the enemies on the map and take revenge. Just click on download and get unlimited health, ammo, battle points, and nitro.

Mini Militia Mod Apk Unlimited Ammo and Nitro

What you get  in the unlimited mod(update 2021)

You get all the latest features I have already described above. Many players report many issues in the previous version. Now all issues are fixed in this updated mode. Now your avatar never slows down while shooting and jumping.

Guides for the newbie player 

It is not difficult to play this game. You just focus on your screen and you know what to do at this stage. All premium features have been provided to you free of cost. Using these features you can easily defeat your enemies. I have also included a video for easiness.


The Mini Militia Mod Apk Unlimited Ammo and Nitro come with brilliant features. All types of players can use this mod and enhance their gaming skills. This game is easy to play for children. They can easily play this mode without any issue. you can easily play this with your family member online and offline.


How do I download this apk?

Ans: All modes of this are available on this website. Just explore the list and you will find all modes that you like to install.

What benefit do we get in this apk?

Ans: The main benefit of your life will never end until you fall from the map. No bullet could not kill you.

How do I install this mode on mobile or laptop?

Ans: The installation process is the same as that I have described before. But for you, I am going to describe it here.

  1. Download all documents of unlimited everything.
  2. Go to your download tab. 
  3. Click install.
  4. It takes a few minutes for installation. 
  5. Now enjoy your game with unlimited everything.

Mini Militia Hack latest version 5.3.7(with Hack features)

Mini Militia hack

In this mini militia hack version, there are three ways of speed sets that you can enjoy free without paying a small amount of money. Suppose you download the mod version of the mini militia mod apk. You see your avatar run and fly fast in this mode. This mode optimizes the speed of your avatar and makes it lighter weight than before. For downloading click the below button.

At the glance of your competitor, you will fastly round up and quickly go from one hole to another. Within seconds you can jump and shoot your competitor during a fight. This is one of the best and top features of this game. In the access mode, your avatar runs and discharges slowly, but in mini militia mod apk, your avatar is 10x faster to walk, fly and kill the enemies.

In this mode, you play the game safe and sound and kill more enemies as you want. Using this mode, you can fastly move from one place to another on the map. That is why this mode is also called ultra-speed hack mini militia apk. The speed performance is outclassed and improved in the latest update. Every player desires to play faster than other enemies to get a high rank on the map. As you know, there are different positions of speed. You can choose according to the desired requirement. 

When you get high-speed performance, this will help you kill the enemies speedily. Many newbie players have become professional using this mini militia hack. When we wallhack utilizing this mode, no one can defeat us. All these features are available in this version. Just download and enjoy. Many packages, pro hack, and premium weapons are available in the moded version that doesn’t permit them to kill you.

There are many good features specially designed for those who have tired busy life routines or are feeling bored. Everyone can entertain themselves by playing this game. All features are unique in this game, no doubt.

Mini Militia hack

Alternative modes of Mini Militia Hack: mini militia old version and mini militia for pc laptop and window

Mini Militia Hacked Version

Many asked if there is any difference between mini militia hack, mini militia hack app, and Mini Militia hacked version. They were confused about which one was better for our device. There is no difference between all of them. You get all features that you won’t like in all three: pro pack, unlimited money, ammo, and health. It depends on the search. Some people search mini Militia hacked version and some mini militia hack. The meaning of all three is the same—all the same things in all these three. So don’t worry. You can download any one you want for your device.

 Mini Militia Hack App

 I know you are looking for a mini militia hack app for advanced features. Everybody wants a free hack version without paying any amount. So you are in the right place. I will provide the original version of the mini militia hack app here. You will get 1000+coins just by opening this app. What else do you need?. This app allows you to play games with friends using hotspots without the internet. 

Mini militia hack is available for both iOS and Android devices. The android user is more than the IOS. This app allows you to enjoy all features because some mini militia apk give limited features, like enjoying unlimited nitro health but not absolute cons. In some situations, players need to hide from their enemies. Here you turn on invisible features and enjoy the whole map without showing. All bugs and issues are fixed in this mod, like game lagging, freeze, and all weapons working perfectly without any problem.

Mini militia hack

Hacking tips

There are some important tips for you that will help to survive long in the game. Try to use the chat version of the mini militia hack that helps you comminute to your squad while playing the game. Some of the important tips describe below.

  • Use bushes to invisible yourself against enemies.
  • Use the 7x zoom for better visibility.
  • Try to strengthen your health for tough times against your enemies.
  • Use premium weapons during a fight in the battleground.
  • Make practice instantly reloading your weapons in the game.
  • Make sure you have a number of bombs for instant attacking.

Mini militia hack features

Invisible bushes mode

In this mode you invisible yourself behind the bushes. Your enemies can not see you in this mode. you can also shoot your competitors.

Mini Militia Hack

Premium weapons

If you have premium weapons you can easily win the game because premium weapons instant loading without wasting any time. In this mode, you will get premium weapons.

Mini Militia Hack

Online and offline

You can play this game according to your desire. If you don’t have internet you can play this game now. 

Mini Militia Hack

Add your friends

Now this game allows you to add your friends and relatives from all over the world. You can search them by their names and ids. If they don’t have this game first send them the link for downloading then add them.

Custom room

Like free and PUBG now you can make custom rooms in this game. In a custom room, you can add the player according to your desire. You can also chat with them audio or in text format.

Mini Militia Hack

No Bugs 

In this mode, all bugs are fixed. Now you can play this game without the headache of bugs.

Mini Militia Hack

Extra fast 

Now your avatar can move at 2x to 4x without any lagging. Before this, your avatar cant moves at this speed. These features will help you to win the game easily. Because when your avatar moves fast you can achieve anything in the game that you want.

Mini Militia Hack

Winner award 

If you use all the features in this mode honestly you can get the winner award of this game. You can get this award easily because everything is available in this mod that you ever desired.

Mini Militia Hack

No security issues

Mini Militia Hack there is no risk of any kind of security and there is no chance of banning this game. The developer is making sure they fix each and everything of security. Your device is safe and sound after downloading this game from any kind of virus.

Mini Militia Hack

No Ads on screen 

In the free version, many ads come on the screen and irritate you. In this version, no ads will come on your screen and you can enjoy the game now without ads. So what are you waiting for to download and enjoy the game?

Mini Militia Hack

Free of cost 

If you get all these premium features from the play store then you need to pay some amount for this. If you don’t have money but you want to enjoy the features. Don’t worry you just download the mini militia hack from here and enjoy all premium features without paying the money.

Mini Militia Hack

About app

This app was released on 11/5/2020. It comes with version 5.2.0 and good ratings. The size of the mini militia hack is almost 42.93GB.

Final words 

Mini militia hack is one of the best game for android devices. You enjoy a lot of features in this game like voice chat with your friends and all good quality weapons for shooting. If you are a shooting lover then this game is made for you.

The graphic of this game is a little bit old and classic. If already have this game uninstall it and download the mod hack version. You feel something amazing when playing game on this mod. In this mod, you especially get rid of ads forever.

Mini Militia Mega mod apk (latest version 7X zoom )

mini militia mega mod apk

This is another mod developed by phoenix for enjoyment and for getting more popular all over the world. In this Mini Militia mega mod, you get many battle points free of cost. These battle points help you in many ways. Using these battle points, you can purchase weapons and many more from the store you want for your player. For downloading click the below button.

When you download a game from the play store for enjoying this mod, you need to pay some amount. But here, you can easily download it without paying anything.

One more fantastic thing you will be excited about after knowing it. When installing this mod, you can easily change your player’s skin. Every ninja player desires to have a good avatar. Because the avatar is showing the personality of your player on your map. Here you enjoy a lot of avatars and change everything of your player that wants to impress the competitor in the game. 

What do you get in Mini Militia Mega mod?

In this mod, you enjoy all features you want to see in your player. In this mod, all premium features are unlocked free of cost for you. This mod helps us to win the game competitor easily with great rank. This game is top-rated and highly demandable all over the world. Especially children like this game because it contains doodle base cartoons. So as heading you can guess, you get unlimited everything here, like life, bullets, weapon and bombs. So What do you need? Play the game and enjoy your day with friends. 

We will provide you with a tested version of the mega mod that works perfectly on your device. We also guarantee that no issue will come while playing the game on this mod. Our primary purpose is to provide you perfect mini militia mega mod. in addition, and you will also enjoy many unique features that you never wanted before this.

What is new in this mod?

  • You can easily add your friend
  • Easily play custom rooms
  • You can search by nickname or id
  • Online multiplayer 
  • You can play up 6 players 
  • 20 maps 
  • Modern types of weapon 
  • Many mods 
  • Shooting mission
  • Doodle based 
  • All features are unlocked in mini militia mod apk 
  • Now you can play this online, offline and also using a hotspot 
  • These games contain unlimited money, ammo and nitro 

The installation process of mini militia mega mod apk

Follow these steps, and you will be able to install the game.

  • There is no hard and fast rule for installing this game.
  • If you have an old version, uninstall it. before installing this mode.
  • Click on the link.
  • It takes a little bit of time to download.
  • Now go to your google drive where you see this app. 
  • Google drive was the right place, so that is why I recommend google drive.
  • Now install and play the game.

Key features 

  • Custom design your character.
  • Modern weapons using these you can easily defeat your enemies.
  • Able to operate 20 maps for playing the games.
  • Cartoon type doodle character.

7x zoom weapons 

As we know, this model is modified by good developers. They have 7x zoom features in all of your weapons. Now you can zoom with the light scope of your guns and efficiently target them. You can enjoy this feature in all weapons-free of cost.

Online play mode 

This mode allows you to play online like other modes. It consumes a little bit of your internet data. You can add your friends by their real id or their nickname.

Unlocked pro pack

Like other modes, the latest version of the pro pack is also unlocked in this mode. You can enjoy all the pro pack features in this mode free of cost.

 Behind Bushes 

In this mode, you can see who is behind the bushes. This feature helps you target your enemies. Before this feature, you do not know what is behind the bushes.

Free store items 

Before this mod, you need money to purchase the item from the store. When you install the mode, you can buy all items from the store free of cost.

Custom team battle

Now you can easily make custom rooms and custom teams for fighting. Now invite your friend and create a custom team for the fight.


  • In this mod, you can do unlimited shopping for weapons and whatever you want to purchase from the store, use unlimited battle points.
  • You will be able to make custom rooms in which you invite yours by their nickname and id.
  • When installing this mod, you easily customize your weapons, skin, and avatar free of cost without paying any penny.
  • All the bugs and issues are fixed in this mod that you’re facing in the previous version.
  • Now you can easily set up your premium profile without facing any issues.
  • In this mode, new glasses and shoes have been added. Now you can change the glasses and shoes of your player in online mode.
  • You can easily defeat your boose enemies using your custom weapon in the zone.
  • In this man, you enjoy stickman. He is the main character in this game.
  • For enjoying this, you should follow all the policies of this game.

Mini Militia God Mod 2022(unlocked everything and premium features)


This mod is a dream of every player. There are many extraordinary things behind the mini militia mod apk God mod. You will get a pro pack to unlock in this mod that is one most desired mod of every player that plays this game. In this mod, you get too many battle points, and you can quickly get a high rank by killing as many enemies as you want. Now you are thinking about how to achieve all this? , you should download this mod on your device and enjoy all these features. There are many websites where you can download this mod but be careful of fake versions. A phoney version can hack all data of your mobile and laptop. For downloading click the download button.

What is mini militia god mod apk 2021

This mod is super powerful, and it activates many powers for the players. Using this power, you can easily win the game with your competitor. You will also find tremendous changes and impressive features in the mini militia mod apk. All over the world, more than 500 million play this game daily. The game is famous for its uniqueness and doodle. This mod is very lightweight. You can easily play this on any device. You don’t need a strong internet connection for this game. When your game uses this mod, you forget the chances of losing the game because you are using all premium weapons and features that you don’t have to your competitor.

The mini militia god mod is the most popular game among the players in the world. Every mod developer tries to provide the best quality features. For you, all mod versions of the mini militia apk are available on this website and are essential to advance.

Outclass features 

This mod has outclassed features that you never enjoyed before while playing the game. The following features are described below.

  • Using this mod, you will be able to play with non-mod players.
  •  This mod comes with the latest 8 November 2021 version of this game.
  • All the premium features and weapons are available in this mod.
  • You can easily upgrade to 9999 battle points.
  • You will also enjoy the superpower mod. 

Premium features of god mod mini militia apk

  • Using god mod, you will get an unlocked pro pack. These features allow you to use two guns.
  • Jetpack power is part of this mod. Using this power, you can quickly fly all over the map. So you can easily kill your enemies in the zone by flying above.
  • The developer has added these features while modifying the unlimited use of bombs. In an essential mini militia, you have only limited bombs. But in this mode, you can throw many bombs at your enemies during a fight.
  • This mod is newly added to the latest version. It increases the killing process of your enemies. So what are you waiting for? Download it and enjoy your game’s fast killing process that you will have never found before this.
  • You will also get the CTF version in this mod.
  • This is one of the most remarkable features. You switch auto mod, and it automatically kills all your enemies. So what do you need?
  • Now you can enjoy 7x zoom in all your weapons.


All these premium features in mini militia god mod you will get free of cost. Now you don’t need to pay any penny. Just download it and enjoy all these fantastic features you ever desired while playing the game. Sometimes you lose heart when playing the game because before that, you did not have all these outstanding premium features. 

Mini Militia Mod Apk Latest Verson 2022(Doodle army 2)

mini militia mod apk

The doodle army or mini militia mod apk is a classic game in which up to 6 players can play simultaneously. It takes less time to become addicted because it is an interesting game you enjoy and fun while playing. If you are a doodle lover, this game will become interesting for you. For downloading click the download button.

Additional Information

App NameMini Militia Mod APK
Genre Action
Size 42.7MB
Latest version v5.3.4
MOD Info Unlocked
Get it On Playstore
MOD Features Unlimited Energy and Gold
Content Rating 4.2

Alternative game: Free Fire, Mini Militia hack

Mini Militia Mod Apk

In this game, a stick man spends most of their time in the jungle for survival. There are many maps with high-class weapons, bombs, and nitro health. This part of the game makes it more interesting, engaging, and enjoyable. The mini Militia is a very interesting game among various players. Many developers modified this game to make it more beautiful.

This version of militia modes is specially designed to fulfil the desired requirements of many players that want to win there for their competitors easily because all the premium features are unlocked for your enjoyment. You can easily find out the all mod version of Mini Militia on this website. Many quality features and amazing things are waiting for us to come and play. The mini Militia is also called doodle army 2 . This game was developed in 2015. Mini Militia is a 2D game you can easily play on any mobile. It is not a heavy game like PUBG and free fire. This game was developed for children because it is a cartoon character-based game.

When you play this, your interest will increase with time. This means the purpose of this game is to engage the players. A time comes when you are fully addicted to this game. In this game, different maps are created to find the weapons. To fulfil the player’s requirements and desires, different developers make this to make it more attractive and awesome. Here is the best pro pack with unlocked pro features you ever desire for this game. In this modified version, unlimited health, battle point and ammo are already available. Enjoy!

mini militia mod apk


  • You can easily add your friend
  • Easily play custom rooms
  • You can search by nickname or id
  • Online multiplayer 
  • You can play up 6 players 
  • 20 maps 
  • Modern types of weapon 
  • Many mods 
  • Shooting mission
  • Doodle based 
  • All features are unlocked in mini militia mod apk 
  • Now you can play this online, offline and also using a hotspot 
  • These games contain unlimited money, ammo and nitro 
mini militia mod apk

Latest pro pack mod v5.0.1 2021

This is the latest pack of mini Militia. Like other games, if you want to unlock some pro features of the latest pro pack mod, they ask to pay around $5 for this, but here you can download it free of cost. You can enjoy many premium features in this pack that are not available in the free version. That is why we called it pro pack mod v5.0.1. There are many following features.

  • Now you can unlock your online content. 
  • Many modern weapons such as rocket launchers, sniper rifles and many others.
  • You will be able to pick the 2 doodle guns simultaneously.
  • Many beautiful avatars. 
  • Character customization. 
  • Many coins. 
  • Note: You can enjoy all these features if your friends have the new latest version of mini militia mod apk.

Advanced Mini Militia Mods

The mod developers try to make the changes that you never think of in real apk games. The list of the advanced mod below you can also enjoy these mods.

Pros of mini militia

  • You can use all modified features free of cost. You don’t need to pay any money for this.
  • This game contains anti-ban. It means this game will never be banned.
  • When you play this, you will be highly addicted because you enjoy it a lot.
  • You can play this game online, offline and also through Bluetooth.
  • If you are a newbie in this, you can practice in training mode.
  • You can make a custom room where you invite or add to your friend by their name or ids.
  • Contains more than 20 maps.
  • You can also play this game on your pc or laptop.

Cons Of Mini Militia

  • Sometimes this works slow.

Hacked Ac Market 

Ac Market has developed the mod of Mini Militia for playing the game. It is one of the stable mods in this game. If you’re playing games with your friends or playing online, you can enjoy this mode in both situations. This mod comes with unlocked pro packs. There are too many battle points in this mod, and you can purchase many guns, powers and many things using these points. This is one of the most enjoyable mods in this game, and you enjoy it when you play the game. Many people don’t know about it, and they pay money for purchasing it. But here we are, providing you with unlocked pro packs where this feature is already unlocked.

The character of Mini militia 

This game is based on doodle. If you are a doodle lover, this game is totally for you. There are many other stages like the battle in which you fight your enemies. They hold guns or other weapons and kill each other. To win this game with a great rank, you have to kill many doodles during the fight. There are many weapons in this game, and you use any premium weapon because weapons are already unlocked for your enjoyment.


 You can choose your favourite region or location where you want to play this game. There are 20 different maps in which you can choose any location from these maps according to your desires.

Offline Play Mod

 One of the most amazing things is that you can play this offline. If all your friends gather in a place and do not have any internet, you also play this. That is why I love the amazing features of this game. There are both modes available in this game you play offline and online.

 Play with Bluetooth 

This game has a wide range of connectivity; that is why people like it. In the latest update, you will be able to connect this game with Bluetooth. In these features, little has bugs, and the developer is trying to resolve them as soon as possible.

Online Play 

You enjoy these features if you have a mini militia mod apk. In this game, 6 players play the game. When you play, online 6 players are all over the players with your game. The game algorithm automatically selects these players. You can also play with your friends in a custom room and search by nickname or ids. This mod is also called quick mod, and this is only available in the mini militia mod apk.

mini militia mod apk



In survival mode, the enemies sent by the server have to kill them. In this model, we also create the group.

Survival solo 

In this mode, we play alone and kill the enemies sent by the captain.

Team Death Match 

This is one of the best things in this game. Most people like this. This feature is available in both mod mini militia mod apk and Mini Militia. In this mode, you make your team and fight against the other team. They enjoyed it a lot in this fight and spent their free time playing this game.

Slowly this game becomes part of their life. They fight against another team. Their main purpose is to win the game in every condition in this situation.


If you’re a newbie in this game and don’t have any experience in this game. You can practice in training mode. When you are confident, then you can play in the real interface. This is an amazing model for a newbie.

mini militia mod apk

One-shot kill 

One-shot kill is a modified version of Mini Militia. In this mode, developers add the extra functionality for killing the enemies. Using this mode, you can kill your enemies with one bullet. For this, you don’t need any special weapon. This version works on all weapon types. you can easily win the game to your competitor just using a one-shot kill.

If you want to win the game in less time, you should use a one-shot kill to kill your enemies because you kill them by using only one bullet that saves your time and helps you win the game instantly. Normal pastel and guns have very low damage, and these take 6 to 7 bullets for killing only one enemy. Now there is no need to take tension. in one shot, you kill only your enemies just using only one bullet, which is the beauty of this model. Many pro play like one shot for this purpose.

If you are a mini militia lover, you can also enjoy the many other versions of this game covered on this website.

Features of one-shot kill 

This mode contains the following features that may become interesting for you. 

  • You can kill your enemies by using one bullet. 
  • It takes less time to win this game.
  • Many battle points. 
  • You can get the damaging effect of 2x to 4x. 
  • High-performance reloading speed.
  • Already pro packs open.
  • Double wield. 
  • Ni limitation on any weapons.
  • You can use any weapons for killing.

What’s new in this mod (update2021)?

This mode has some amazing features like other modes of this game. One-shot kill increases great damage when we kill our competitor. The first time this version was released was in 2020. Now, you can enjoy this. All the bugs you are facing in the previous version have been removed.

Some player report in the version game has been lagged and disconnected to the map, and now all the issues are fixed. In the new update, 2x,3x and 4x damage features have been added for your enjoyment and also many ads-dons has been added.

  • Boost regen
  • Health regen 
  • Increase your boost 
  • Gold eagle 
  • Laser sight 
  • Gas Grenada 
  • instant reload 
  • Mask pack
  • Increase the level of accuracy 
  • Meela plus 10

Some players were facing stuck wall errors. When this error came then, they went back beyond the fix. This was a coding error. Now developers have fixed this error. Now you can enjoy the desired features of this game without facing any kind of error.

If you are willing to test the feature of this mod, you can enjoy it. It depends on your desire if you want to play it continuously. No doubt, this is an amazing game. Everybody can play this game for entertainment. If you want to enjoy this game, I recommend using the latest device.

Player guide(video)

If you are new to this game, you will love it because there is no limitation, and it comes with advanced features. Before this, many new players lost the game, and they felt disappointed. Because they can’t get the advanced features, I will suggest you shoot your enemies from a distance so they can not detect you easily. Before starting a fight, make sure that your weapons are filled with bullets. Follow the red cross, and you can kill your enemies with just one bullet. If you need more guidelines, then watch this video.

Mini Militia fly through walls

If you want to show magic to your competitor, this mod is for you. When you are playing the game, prank your enemies and show them the magic of skipping walls. You can perform this action when using the mini Militia to fly through walls. I will provide you with complete information about this version in this article.

Fly through walls is modified by developers. You also enjoy many features like player disappearing, unlimited boost, and many more. The main purpose of this game is to provide non-stop gameplay without any issues. This version also includes gravity independent. Now your player can stay in the space zone without any jetpack. You can on-off these features according to the game situation. So now your avatar can fly in space.

Play game with friends over internet 

Everybody wants to play with their friends. If your friends live in cities and countries but they have an internet connection. Now you can play this game with them. You just need to add your friends to the server and play games with them. For using this option, you need to log in to your Google or Facebook account.

How to Download and Install Mini Militia apk? 

  Following these, you will easily download this game. 

  • Go to any secure link and website. 
  • Click on the download button.
  • you will be waiting until it downloads.
  • It takes a little bit of time to download. Mostly it depends on your internet connection.
  • People easily download this game but get stuck when they try to install it. Now you will easily install the game following these steps.
  • After downloading some mobiles give the option to install but some can not.
  • If your mobile can not give the install option, go file manager.
  • Go to the download section. 
  • Click on install.
  • Installation may have failed because there is a reason behind this.
  • Go to your mobile settings and activate the unknown resources.
  • By activating this now, you will be able to install the third-party app easily. 
  • Go file manager and open mini militia mod apk. 
  • Click on install. It takes a little bit of time.
  • Now enjoy your game.

Mini militia avatar names

Following are the names of Mini militia avatars.

  1. Darth Vader
  2. Spart
  3. Killing machine
  4. Knight rider 
  5. Joker
  6. Dead-end 
  7. One shoot killer
  8. Suicide machine 

History of mini militia 

Now I am going to tell you about the history of the mini militia. This was developed by Miniclip Chinese company. It is a multi-international company in the technology field. First, this game was developed for iPhone and ios devices. When this game gets unexpected success on ios devices, the company has to decide to lunch this for android devices. Then the company starts working on android devices. When this game was released for Android devices, it got more success than IOS. This has many fans following all over the world, but nowadays its player decreases when PUBG launched and many people love it and like to play this game.  


Mini militia mod apk doodle army 2 is the most famous game worldwide. As we know, the battleground was a popular game before the launch of PUBG. This is a famous game among all ages of people. This game has its fans following its amazing features.


 1- Can we play this game on a laptop or pc?

Ans: yes, can you play this on a lap or pc. You have to download the pc version of mini Militia or use any emulator you install this game on pc or laptop easily.

2- All premium packs or resources will unlock?

Ans: yes, all premium packs and resources will be unlocked. Suppose you download the mod version.

3-Can this game be banned?

Ans: Never, because this game comes with ant ban features.

4- What is the latest size of doodle army 2 mini militia mod apk?

Ans: the latest doodle army 2 mini militia size is 44 MBS.

5-can we play this game on Windows phones?

Ans: you can not play games on a Windows phone. But you can play on your laptop or pc.

6-can we add our friends online?

Ans: This feature has come in the latest update. Now you can add your friends online.

7- How many maps are there in this game?

Ans: There are 20 maps in this game.

8-How many players play this game online?

Ans: Up to 6 players can play this game online.

9-How many ways can we play doodle army 2?

Ans: you can play this game online, offline and through a hotspot.

10-Can make a custom play?

Ans: After this update now you can easily make a custom play.

11-Is doodle army 2 is a character-based game?

Ans: yes, this game is totally character-based, and if you are a doodle lover, you like it more.

12- Can we play this game on a tablet?

Ans: yes, you can play this game on any device.

13-Is doodle army 2 mini militia is an offline game?

Ans: Mini militia action based game. You can play this game online or offline, using a hotspot and also Bluetooth.

14-How do we add the players while playing?

Ans: In the latest update, this game allows you to add your friends all over the world by searching their names and ids.

15-what should we do when mini militia is not working?

Ans: Many players face this issue. When you mini Militia us not, first of all, check your internet connection. If your internet connection is ok, then uninstall it and download it from my website.

16-why mini Militia is not installed?

Ans: When you face this issue directly, go to your mobile setting and allow all permission. now will be able to install any app and game without facing any issue.

17-what is the pro pack of mini Militia?

Ans: The pro pack is a paid version of the doodle army mini militia that comes with many premium features. If you are using the basic version, then you pay around 5$ to 10$ to unlock this pack. But here, you get this version free of cost without paying any amount.

18-can mini militia hack?

Ans: I know you want all premium free of cost. You can download the all premium version of this free of cost here. If you already have installed this game, then uninstall it. Here on this website, we have an original app of this without any issue. When you uninstall the game, then download it here. All versions of this are available here. You can download it according to your desire.

If you face a problem while installing the game, then go to your mobile setting to allow unknown resources if disabled. Now click on install. After installation, turn off your internet connection if it is on. Now enjoy your game. Turn on your internet if needed; otherwise, everything is ok. Now you have done each and everything of this game successfully.

19-How to download mini Militia for pc and laptop?

Ans: you can download Mini Militia for pc and laptop here. Another method is that if you want to enjoy this basic version of this game, then install the blue stacks on your laptop. After installation, go search bar, search mini Militia and download. After downloading, you can install and play the game on your laptop.