BGMI hack apk and BGMI hack file(esp hack and wall hack)

BGMI hack apk

BGMI hack apk one of the most famous game in Indian society. The BGMI was launched after banning PUBG in India. The game got more fame in less time and became the most popular game among the youth community of India. For downloading click the below button.

. Many developers modify this game and add some advanced features. As we know all these premium features are locked in the basic version of battleground mobile India. For enjoying these features you have to pay the money. In this mod, all features are unlocked like esp, aimbot, wallhack, modern weapons, and many more. You can download this game free of cost without paying any money.This version is the same as the BGMI mod apk and also includes the same features. Just the name is different. Both versions are available on my website you can download from anyone. 

BGMI hack apk

Additional information

App name  BGMI hack apk
Update                2 days ago
Compatible All latest android version 
Mod                    Esp hack, aimbot hack, and wallhack
Price  Free
Developer        Krafton Inc
Get on play storeBGMI
App store              BGMI

What is BGMI hack apk?

The BGMI hack is a modded version of battleground mobile India and allows us to use BGMI hack free. It helps the player that wants to defeat their enemies easily without losing the game. You will get all the premium features in this version.


The gameplay of the BGMI hack apk is very strategic. The gameplay contains up to one hundred players from all over the world. All these players land from a plane on the island. The island contains different maps and players can choose any map according to their interest. After landing all players start finding the weapons, cars, and other items for survival on the map.

The main mission of every player in the gameplay is to live at the end. All these hundred players fight each other and the player who survives at the end is the winner of the game. You can choose solo or squad for playing it is up to you. In the solo mode, you will be fighting alone with all players. In squad mode, you can make a custom team for the fighting. If any player of your game stays alive at the end. Your team will be the winner of the game.


Key feature 

Some important features of this game are as follows.

Esp hack 

Esp is a feature in which you can know the location of your enemies. If you know the location of your enemies you can easily attack them. This is a premium feature and is unlocked in this version for you. 


Uc is the currency of battleground mobile India. Using the UC you can purchase everything in the game that you want. You get a UC hack in this version. It means there is no limit to using this.

BGMI hack aimbot

Aimbot is a feature in which you automatically kill your enemies. The aimbot automatically targets your enemies and shoots them. In the basic version, you will get only limited aimbots but in this version, you get unlimited BGMI UC hack without paying any money.

BGMI  health hack

Health is a very important thing in the game for survival. If you don’t have good health your enemies kill you easily. In this version, you get unlimited health hacks that will never end. When your health remains always good no one can kill you in the game.


Wallhack is one of the desirable features of every player. In this feature, you see your enemies behind the wall. Most of the players win the game only using this feature. Because they easily target their enemies and kill them at that place.

Paid hack bgmi

If you download this version of the game. Then you don’t need to buy and paid hack bgmi for the game. In this version, all locked features are unlocked you don’t need to do anything.

The things we like 

No root 

For installing battleground mobile India there is no need for any root for installation. Many video games can not install without the root but this game is root free. Just download and install it.

No root 

Realistic weapons 

A game is not complete without its realistic weapons. Many people leave that game because it does not contain realistic weapons. This game contains modern weapons. That is why many people like this game.

Realistic weapons


The BGMI hack is compatible with all versions of android. You don’t need to purchase the latest android device for playing this game.


Keep in mind 

Huge file size 

The file size of this game is a little bit huge. You need specific storage for installing this game on your device.

Huge file size

Additional features of BGMI hack apk 

  • No grass and fog
  • Activated ESP
  • Unlimited ammo and health
  • All premium characters unlocked
  • Easily find all kinds of vehicles
  • Enemy box and line

How to download and install?

There are no hard and fast rules for installing this game. Following these steps, you can easily download and install the game.

  • You can download it from this website. Just click on the download button.
  • Or go to any safe website. Click on the download button.
  • It takes a little bit of time to download because the size of the game file is a little bit huge.
  •  After downloading, go to the file manager of your device and find the download folder.
  • In the download folder, you see the apk file of this game.
  • Click on it for installing.
  • After installing two options will appear done and open. 
  • Click on done.
  • Go to the mobile screen and click on the game icon. Your game is ready to play.

Final thoughts 

In this article, I have tried to cover all information and queries about the BGMI hack apk. This game is totally safe for your device. Just install and enjoy it with your friends. You get all features in this game you ever wished for playing without paying any penny.


How to hack bgmi?

Ans: Many people ask this question about how to hack bgmi. It is not possible to hack this game. You can get only benefits by using glitches and codes for a short time. Using these glitches is very risky and your account can be banned. You will get all these features free in this version. You don’t need to use any glitches or code for hacking.

Is this version working 100%?

Ans: Yes this version is working 100%  perfectly on all android devices and tested by our teams.

BGMI Mod Apk Latest Version +OBB Download(battleground mobile India)

BGMI Mod Apk Latest Version +OBB Download

The BGMI Mod Apk Latest Version +OBB is an action-based game in which many players make the strategies for long survival as much as possible to get the award of player of the game. This action multiplayer game is free to play and many players defeat each other by using the different mods of this game like solo and squad. For downloading click the below button.

Entertain yourself with the amazing design of maps, hard challenges, and new update features. You can play this game alone or also make a team with friends and defeat your enemies. The battleground mobile India is specially designed for the Indian people in which many events have been added according to the culture of India.

The BGMI mod apk is a modified version of battleground mobile India which is modified by the different developers of the world. Many people like the modded version to enjoy unlocked features like unlimited money, unlimited UC, modern weapons, unlimited health, aimbot, and many more. You get some extra features in the modded version that are not available in the basic version of battleground mobile India. Using such features it will be easy for you to defeat your enemies. Many people don’t know about the latest version of BGMI. Don’t worry if you don’t know about it before. You explore many marvellous features after downloading it.

History of BGMI(Battleground Mobile India) 

On 2 Sep 2020, this game was banned by the Indian government when some youth time-wasting issues arose. After that, krafton south Korea make an agreement with the Indian IT ministry and registered this game with the name of PUBG India private limited. On 2 May 2021, it was heard that krafton make the decision to launch battleground Mobil India which is the same as PUBG. After that BGMI got endless popularity in less time in the Indian community. 21 July 2021 its first android version comes and its IOS version comes on 18 August 2021.

Additional information

App nameBGMI Mod Apk Latest Version
Category   Games
Update         2 days ago
Developer   krafton
Compatible withAll android devices 
Required versioncompatible with the latest android version

What you get BGMI mod apk

After every update, you get some new incredible features in BGMI, and most of the players are waiting for the update. Choose the character that suits you and dive into the fun world. You get all premium characters and also get many skins for the customization free. No bugs will come while playing the game because all bugs in this update version are fixed and lazy speed is also fixed now. Now you can enjoy the game fast speed and without any ads. If you want to enjoy this game on your PC or laptop then it is necessary to install the game emulator.

The things we like 

No recoil gun

No recoil gun is a type of lightweight weapon. You can not kill many enemies using this weapon because it does not have such capabilities. Now you can enjoy your game without the no recoil gun and easily defeat your enemies using the latest weapons.

Unlock skin

All the skins are unlocked in this mod. You can customise these skins that suit your character. In the basic version, you get only limited skins that are not customizable.

Safety zone 

The safety zone is the most important part of this game. The safe zone is areas in which your enemies can not come and full protection is provided by you. But this safe zone shrinks with the passage of time.

Safety zone 

No root file 

For many video games, it is necessary to install root on your device for installing the game. This version is root free and you don’t need any files for the installation of this game. Just download and directly install it.

Solo and squad mode 

This game contains both modes and you can choose anyone for the game. If you have confidence and want to play alone then select the solo mode. In this mode, you will fight alone from all over the world players. In the squad mode, you have to make a team in which you can add your friends and also relatives. You can easily win this game by using this mode because any player of yours stays alive at the end your team will be considered the winner of the game. You have to make less effort in this mode.

Keep in mind

This app will not automatically update; you have to download its latest version after every update.

Key features 

Realistic gameplay 

This is an action shooting game in which players instantly move from one battleground to another for fighting. This game is based on assuaging 3D graphics and clear sounds. In the start, you dive any map from a plane. For survival, you can find weapons for fighting, vehicles for travelling, and other items. The main mission of this game is survival as long as you can to become the winning player. BGMI has different maps and each map has a different location for fighting. You can dive according to your desired map; it is up to you. The name of some Indian maps is Bakroll, Vlad, and Parati. The gameplay of BGMI contains one hundred players for fighting.

Realistic gameplay 

Modern costumes character

Now you can upgrade your characters with modern costumes like skins, cloth, shoes, and hats. You can also improve your combat skills by upgrading weapons using this feature. When the BGMI was launched they provided some gifts like mission impossible and recon mask to their already registered player.

Easy to play 

The design of the BGMI mod apk is user-friendly. If you are not a professional player don’t worry you can easily use and under it all features. In the circle navigation button, you can rotate your character right to left and also select the weapons. All the buttons and navigation are based on their icon. Beginners and non-professionals can easily understand it’s all function by seeing these icons.


This comes with anti-ban features; it means there are no chances to ban this game in the future. So what you need now you can enjoy this game lifetime without any restrictions of banning. Many modes don’t come with this feature.

Unlimited UC 

UC(unknown currency) is the currency of BGMI. In the basic version, you get the limited UC after passing some level. You have to pay real money for purchasing this. But in battleground mobile India you will get unlimited UC without paying any amount. Using this currency you can purchase weapons, skins, and other premium items of the game. Unlimited UC directly helps you in the progression of the game. You can also show off to your friends you have unlimited UC for your lifetime. Using this UC you can unlock all premium features in the game. 

Strategic thinking 

BGMI mod apk is a little bit more strategic than the basic royale game. Your mind should be creative when you decide to play an event battle. You do not hide only yourself but also try to save minimum damage while fighting. In other, one thing keeps in your mind you have also to coordinate with your team while shooting.

Sometimes multiple enemies coming from multiple quarters in such a situation try to use your mind. In such a situation you need help from the gas tanker and other helpful resources that save you from maximum damage. Your main purpose is to stay alive at the end and you can do everything for it.

Additional information about  MOD

  • You will get activated ESP.
  • Block body. 
  • Comes with anti-ban features.
  • Easy access to enemy numbers.
  • Information about players like health and name.
  • There are no chances of slipping because there is no grass.
  • You can easily visualise everything because there is no fog.
  • Aimbot is also available.
  • You will get unlimited UC(Unknown currency)
  • No root is required for the installation.
  • Contain world-best gameplay.
  • It is not harmful for any kind of device and it is totally safe.
  • You can also enjoy the safe zone.

Some additional features 

  • Totally free to download and install.
  • Allow you to stream free of cost.
  • Does need any kind of registration.
  • Outclass quality performance.
  • Attractive interface.
  • Ads-free. 
  • And many more. 

Final thought

I have written this review to give you complete information about the BGMI mod apk and try to give the answer to your queries. Now download this game and enjoy it on your mobile or PC. This game is placed by action category and developed by KRAFTON. After lunch, this game touched the sky in a short period of time. The average rating of this game is outclassed because it gets a 4.3 rating out of 5 stars. On different vote rating platforms, this game got a 4-star rating out of 5. You can download it from our website and also share it with your friends to enjoy the all premium features for free. If you need more information about it then you should visit the developer website of this game.

If you are worried about banning this game be relaxed this mod comes with the antiban feature it means no one can ban this game lifetime. Don’t forget to put your review in the comment box.

Steps for download and installation 

For downloading and installation follow these steps.

  • You can download this app from this website by clicking the above download button or also any secure website.
  • After downloading make sure you have enabled the third-party app.
  • You can enable third-party app settings from your mobile setting or play store.
  • If your internet connection is strong then it takes less time for downloading otherwise you have to wait a little bit.
  • When downloading is complete go to the download folder of your mobile device.
  • Find the apk file and click on it for the installation.
  • After installation two options will come open and done.
  • Click on done. Your app is installed now.
  • Come to your device and double-click on the screen. Your game is ready to play. 
Steps for download and installation

Faqs (frequently asked questions) 

I am trying to give the answer to all common questions but if you have any questions. You can ask in the comment box or also directly contact us through the contact page. Different people have different questions because they face different problems in the game. So if you have any questions feel free and ask us. I will try to answer your question.

Is the BGMI mod apk safe to install?

Ans: yes it is safe to install if you download it from a secure website. Many websites have placed fake and viruses apk. That proves harmful for your device and also your device can be hacked installing such apps.

Are BGMI and PUBG both the same?

Ans: NO, the BGMI is only for the Indian players. But if you want to enjoy the global PUBG then go to the website game menu and click on the PUBG.

Is there any chance to ban this game in the future?

Ans: There are no chances to ban this game because it comes with the antiban feature.

How can we easily download and install this game?

Ans: Following the above steps you can easily download and install this game.

What is the file size of this game?

Ans: The file size of this game is 158 MB and OBB is 698 MB.

PUBG mod apk latest version and PUBG mobile lite( Unlimited Money)

PUBG mod apk

PUBG mod apk is an awesome warzone game, and nowadays, everyone knows about this game. According to the popularity of this game, there are hardly some people that do not know about this game in the world. The developer of this game made both PC and mobile versions for players’ ease. For downloading click the below button.

Additional information

App name Pubg mod apk v 1.7.0
Publisher Tencent Games
Genre Action
Size 989 MB
Latest version  v1.7.0
GET on Plays tore
Update Two days ago
Mod info unlimited money and everything

In PUBG mod apk, there are many battles ground and fights that our character or avatar represents as a soldier. The Bluehole company lunch this game, and they didn’t know it would become the most popular in the world. For the PUBG game, we need special storage on our device. No doubt Pubg is a heavier game, but it contains incredible features. What something unique actually offers this game to their player. This game is based on 3d characters, premium weapons, and many more things.

Here we are going to talk about the modified version of this game. Some developers limit the game according to the desire of some players. You get money, gold, premium weapons, unlocked premium features, customizable characters, and unlimited everything free of cost without paying any penny in modifying the version. 

PUBG mod apk v 1.7.0 and PUBG mobile lite hack ( Unlimited Money)

History PUBG Mobile Mod Apk

PUBG Mobile Mod Apk is one of the great battle royal games in the world. The meaning of PUBG is an unknown player battleground. It is also called the old name of PUBG. This is an online multiplayer game in which up to 100 players can play the game. The PUBG mobile mod apk first released in march 2017 by Microsoft, and its full version came in December 2017. The official version of this game for android and IOS was released in 2018.

PUBG Mod apk is one most played video games in the world, and in March 2021, this game crossed 1 million downloads on mobile devices. The free-to-play model of this game launched at the start of 2022. After getting much success, this game was also banned in many countries. This game proved to be detrimental to the youth of these countries as they were getting used to this time in a short period of time. That is why some countries banned this game for a short time, and after a few months, they unbanded it.

PUBG Mobile Lite Hack

The PUBG mobile lite hack is designed for low-end users. If you have never played the game, you should start the PUBG mobile lite hack. This version is best for beginners. The primary purpose of PUBG lite is to run on any mobile. For original PUBG, you need a suitable device for playing the game. 

If you don’t have an expensive device and you can not afford it. Don’t worry; this game is for you. You can run this game on a cheap device without any issue. The primary purpose of PUBG lite is to run all cheap and expensive machines. It contains all features that you need for playing. This is very lightweight, and its size is small that we called it PUBG lite hack. There is no significant difference between PUBG mobile mod apk and PUBG lite hack. If you can download any one of them, both are available on this website. If you want to PUBG mobile, then you need a suitable device for running this. But for the PUBG lite hack, you can take start from any device.

The gameplay of PUBG Mod Apk

The PUBG mod apk is a play shooter game in which 100 players fight each other in the battleground. Every player in hundreds tries to alive as long as possible. It’sIt’sIt’s up to you to choose solo, due, and four players customer team. The person or group who is alive last becomes the winner of the match in this game. Every game begins with all players diving from a plan in different maps. Each map has different sizes, some of 8*8,6*6 and 4*4 kilometers. Players should choose the correct place to dive because planes cross the different paths of the map.

Once the player is in-ground, they start searching for buildings blocks, weapons, cars, and different types of equipment for alive. At the start of the match, the item is disturbed for the players and in the high-risk zone with excellent equipment. Over time, play areas start shrinking in different locations. While playing the match, other regions get alert and bombed. The whole round of PUBG mod apk takes less than 30 minutes to complete. After completing a round player get some game currency. This currency is used for purchasing premium weapons, customizable characters, skins, and vehicles. 

The things we like 

There are many things in this game we like. Some of the important I have described here.

Real-time fight 

While playing this game, you feel real-time fighting against your enemies. This game is designed in real-time environments for the entertainment of players. The unmistakable sounds and 3d graphics create an authentic atmosphere in the game. The popularity of this game is based on high-quality graphics. You can visual and listen clear in the game.

Add your friends and relatives

For enjoying the PUBG mod apk, you can add your friends and relatives. If they already have a PUBG application, just search their name or ids and add them. If they don’t have PUBG, then send him a link; they can easily join you using the link.

Battle points

We can also use battle points instead of money in the PUBG. We get battle points after waning some paths. But if you download the PUBG mod apk, you get many battles points without passing any path. We can use these battle points for purchasing our desired things such as weapons, skins, shoes, and other equipment.


Now PUBG allows us to select the weather according to our desires. We can choose the day, night, winter, and summer modes. You can also set the location in-game. You can select jungle, village, and urban cities; it is up to you.

Rapidly Growing

In this game, you face new challenges daily, and these challenges help you increase. You get an update and event every upcoming month. This thing makes you more addicted and exciting. To do something great in the game, you should be ready for the challenges.

Chicken Dinner

Chicken dinner is desired thing of every player PUBG. You get the chance after winning. It was the most famous saying when you won the fight and the chicken dinner. 

No Root 

Many players ask this question we have a root directory for the installation. Now no need for any root for the installation. Now the headache of the root is solved for you.

Keep in mind 

Specific storage 

For enjoying the PUBG mod apk, you have specific storage for this game. Because it takes massive storage for installing. Another thing the game’s performance may slow if you don’t have a good quality device. For running this game smoothly, you have a high-quality device.

Also enjoy: Roblox mod apk

Key features 

Two modes 

This game has two modes you select according to your desire. One is single, and the other is multiplayer. In the single-mode, you to fight alone against your all competitors no one will not help you. In single mode, consider yourself a one-person army. In multiplayer mode, you can add your cousins and friends. You can make a team of army fight against your enemies. You can also create two or four multipayer groups to win the match.

PUBG Mod Apk Download Unlimited Everything

If you download the PUBG mod apk, you will get unlimited everything free of cost. If you are using the free version, then you have to pay some amount to get unlimited everything. But if you download a game from this website, you will get this without paying any penny.

PUBG mod apk v 1.7.0 and PUBG mobile lite hack

PUBG Mod Apk Unlimited UC

In PUBG mod apk, unlimited UC already will be provided to you. Because you already get the unlimited everything in which unlimited UC is also included. You are just downloading and enjoying each and everything free. UC is also known as an unknown currency used to purchase different items in the game. Now there are many tools available that provide you UC. You just put your username and password. This is the second method of getting UC for PUBG. But if you download from here, then you don’t need any kind of tools to get the UC.

Many people also say we will tell you how to get 10000 UC free cost. But there is no way to get 10000 UC free if you become investigators, you get free UC from time to time. Last time they gave me 6000 unknown money because I was the investigator. If you face any problem while getting it, you can also contact us or comment on your problem in the comment post. You can also buy unknown money from the local seller in the market.

PUBG mod apk v 1.7.0 and PUBG mobile lite hack

3D graphics

The PUBG has 3D realistic graphics that attract the attention of users. The game looks natural in every aspect of graphics, from location to scenario. sometimes, you feel this is a movie that has been shot from the most beautiful place in the world. The graphics make each and everything clear in every aspect, and it proves helpful for players in visualization. Its character, weapons, vehicles, Dacia car, and most famous character flame are designed in 3d.  

As we know, nothing was papular to the PUBG game in the video game industry in the whole world. We see character, location in maps, weapons, and vehicles when we play the game. All these things look real. Some modeling software helps to make this a 3D reality. The locations are the main pillar of any video game. A video is uncompleted without place, and all these are designed in a 3D graphic.

PUBG mod apk v 1.7.0 and PUBG mobile lite hack

PUBG Mobile Mod Apk Unlimited Money

If you have the money, you can purchase everything thing. Same in-game use, you can buy weapons, skins, glass, vehicles, and many other things. You get this money in the game after passing some around. If you need unlimited, you have to pay some amount in the play store. But if you don’t want to spend your money, just download the game from here and enjoy unlimited money.

PUBG mod apk v 1.7.0 and PUBG mobile lite hack

PUBG Aimbot APK 

The PUBG Aimbot APK is amazing, and everyone wants to enjoy it. You invisible yourself behind the wall, an aimbot, and your enemies can’t see you. You can shoot your competitors behind the wall. 

PUBG mod apk v 1.7.0 and PUBG mobile lite hack


Weapons are the main key factor of every game. Without weapons, a game looks like a bore. The primary purpose of any game is to get the attention of people. People play the game for entertainment. We saw the fighting game in which weapons are used got more audience rather than other game-like, ludo star, clash of clans and many more. The weapons are designed in PUBG in a modern way. When you shoot using these weapons, you feel like shooting is accurate. PUBG contains a wide variety of weapons like pistols, guns, bombs, and many more.

PUBG mod apk v 1.7.0 and PUBG mobile lite hack


Wallhack is one of the marvelous features of PUBG. This feature allows you to kill the enemies hidden behind the wall. You can easily see your enemies; they are invisible to any wall boundary. Using this feature, you can easily win the game.

PUBG mod apk v 1.7.0 and PUBG mobile lite hack

Safe mode

PUBG has a safe mode for the players. They can stay here to save themselves from enemies. This mode proves very helpful for the newbie. A newbie doesn’t have the confidence to fight a long time with their enemies. They stay here as much as they want.

At the start, I used this mode much time to save myself against the competitors. To become the winning player of the game is not easy. We have done many strategies to become the winner. First of all, we have the patience to save energy.

PUBG mod apk v 1.7.0 and PUBG mobile lite hack


There are some premium features in the games, and every beginner to pro player wants to enjoy these features, but they don’t have money for this. So in this mod, you will enjoy all premium features free. 

PUBG mod apk v 1.7.0 and PUBG mobile lite hack


This is an entire host to protect the game. There is no chance to ban this game because it is verified by anti-ban. Our teams play up to 20 matches without facing any issue, and it is totally safe for your device. Don’tDon’tDon’t need to feel any hesitation during installation. You just install and enjoy the game with your friends.  

What new do you get the update?

Amazing maps

In the new update, you get a fantastic map. Now you can explore many things for survival. 

Training map 

The training map has been returned in this update. Now you can go to the store and select any weapon for practicing. Make yourself strong during practice and cover all your weaknesses while playing the game against your enemies.

Modes of PUBG

There are two modes of PUBG for the players one is used for practice, and one is used for the actual battle. 

Classic mode 

In the class mode, we land from the plane on the island where already 100 players are available. We have to fight with these 100 players. We have to survive at the end to become the winner of the game. This mode contains the different maps in where we fight each other. We can also make the team in this mode for fighting against our enemies. 


This map is also called the winter map. Here you see everywhere snow falling.


This is the lower part of the forest. This map is small of all maps, but it is more dangerous. 


On this map, you see only trees and bushes. You can make invisible your player behind the bushes.

Arcade mode 

This mode is also called training mode, In which you train yourself for fighting. Most of the beginners used this mode for confidence and practice. This Arcade mode also contains different modes.


In war mode, all players landed with weapons. You will win in the war based on points. You get points on behalf of killing enemies.

Mini zone 

The space is low in this mode, but the players are more. Here survival is challenging for you.

Quick match 

Here all kinds of weapons are available for the fight, like shotguns, pistols, and melee weapons. But time is very short.

Sniper mode 

Sniper mode contains only 15 minutes in which you get sniper training for fighting in real mode. You can enjoy this mode on specific days for the practice. If you practice perfectly this mode, your winning chance will be automatically increased.

How to download?

Following these steps, you can easily download the PUBG mod apk.

  • First, go to any website and find the valid link to this game.
  • Click on download.
  • You can download this game in a few minutes if your strong internet connection.
  • Go to your mobile settings and enable the unknown resource.
  • Go, file manager. 
  • Just open the download file and click on install.
  • Now, your game is ready to play.
PUBG mod apk v 1.7.0 and PUBG mobile lite hack

Difference between PUBG mod apk and PUBG apk 

PUBG is the most famous game in the world. Everyone has know-how about this game. But some people do not know the difference between PUBG and PUBG mod apk. I have readily explained both topics.

PUBG apk

This is the basic version of PUBG. Here you get limited features for your player. If you shoot by your competitors during a fight, you get only one chance to recover. Because in this version, everything is limited like health, battle points, and UC. You get some points of health after passing some level. 

PUBG mod apk 

This is the most advanced version of this game. In which all the premium resources are unlocked. The player now can enjoy unlimited health, UC, unlimited everything, and premium weapons. In this mod, you go battleground fight against your competitor. After winning the game, you get the chance of chicken dinner. Here your lot of energy is saved that you waste in the basic version. The updated version of PUBG is full of various features for all devices like androids, IOS, and windows.

Final thoughts 

The PUBG mod apk is a world-famous game and got many industry awards in less time. The developers of this game developed every feature according to the players’ desired aspect. This map is this game is thrilling base and will never be bored while playing the game. You feel something is happening in actuality while shooting. The graphic of this game is absolutely amazing and attract the players. Most of the players leave many games when they see the graphic of PUBG. if you want to enjoy the latest version, keep in touch with our website.

For safety, purpose player use many weapons and vehicles. This allows you to voice chat with your enemies and squad during the fighting. This version is safe and secure for your device. So don’t feel any hesitation in downloading this game. 

The PUBG was most premium-selling in 2017 and above $11 in just three days. After complete release, the profit of this game touched the sky. I hope you will enjoy this game with your friends worldwide. I suggest you play this game on an expensive device if you want to enjoy this game. This game can not run smoothly on cheap devices.

Faqs (Frequently asked questions)

As known PUBG is an awesome game in the world. Some people face critical issues, and we have answered these questions for your ease. Suppose you don’t find the answer to your question. You can post your question in the comment box or also contact us.

1-is PUBG mobile mod apk is safe for any device?

Ans: Yes, installing the PUBG mobile mod apk on any device is safe. There is no virus issue before uploading. We have to check this file and play the game.

2-what is the difference between PUBG cracked version and PUBG mobile hack download?

Ans: There is no difference between PUBG’s cracked version and PUBG mobile hack download. Both contain the same features and modes. You can download any one of them. Just name is different both otherwise each and everything is same.

3- I need a root for PUBG installation?

Ans: No, you don’t need any kind of root for PUBG installation. In the updated version, this issue is fixed.

4-what is the size of the game?

Ans: The size of this game is near about 1GB.

5-is PUBG Mobile available worldwide?

Ans: yes, is PUBG Mobile available globally. It’sIt’sIt’s all versions available for all kinds of devices like android, IOS, and windows. You can download any version according to your device.

6-Can get its all version play store?

Ans: you just got the updated version of this game on the play store.

7-What is the benefit of PUBG mod apk?

Ans: There are many benefits of this. You get all the premium feature free of cost. Using these features, you can easily defeat your enemies. There is no chance to ban this model because it is a PUBG mod apk anti-ban. You get unlimited UC free of cost you evet desire for this.

8-Can play PUBG offline?

Ans: This is a multiplayer online game in which up to 100 players play the game all over the world online. There is no offline version of this game yet.

9-Can play alone this game?

Ans: yes, you can play it alone if you want. You just solo and enjoy your game alone without any distraction.

10-what is new in the latest update?

Ans: In the update, you get a great map and a training mode. In training mode, you can practice for the actual fighting.