Real gangster crime 2 mod apk

Real gangster crime 2 mod apk (unlimited money)

The real gangster crime 2 mod apk is the alternative to GTA. In this game, you perform many missions in the city. In these missions, you have to perform many tasks. After performing the task or winning the mission. You have to get many awards in the form of money and weapons.

You will fight in the street to theft premium things from other criminals. If you are crime-loving then try this action game once you will forget all the games after playing this game. You make your own gangster defeat the other gangster in the street. Just show him your killing and theft skills after they also offer you to join your gangster group on the street.

Real gangster crime 2

Additional information

App NameReal gangster crime 2 mod apk
Category   Action
Size 88.7 MB
Android4.4 plus
Developer Naxeex Studio
Update 2 days ago
Mod infounlimited money
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When the players of GTA come into the gameplay Real gangster crime 2 mod apk they are a little bit confused. Because the gameplay of this game is a little bit different from GTA. But they feel amazing when getting the experience of this game because the violence is another name of this game and no one refuses it after playing this game.

At the start, two options will appear: you can select both, or one is up to you. You will discover the beautiful places in the new vegas city for getting the experience. Or if you are the beginners you can also complete the task that is assigned by the game to find the story. In the first option, it is not necessary for the player to perform the task which is offered by the game. All the players can do everything in the city according to their desires and no one can stop them. Another shortcut in which you don’t need to perform any task and you can earn double money by doing this. You are just robbing the money from the people on the road and it is a part of this game.

For robbing you can use the different weapons in the street but be careful they can also attack you. Players can do many crazy things like throwing bombs on the buildings for destroying them. You have to purchase the bombs for doing this. Many players do this to create violence in the city. But if you do a lot of illegal work then the police can arrest you and also kill you. If you want to live a long life in the game then be careful and save yourself from the police. If you are interested in exploring the plots then select the second option. For getting the task you have to follow mark points on the maps. For each, you have done different requests but the story will be the same. You have to perform all the tasks on a bicycle. But players can also steal the car for travelling from one place to another.


Key Features 

The key features of this game are amazing. You will be surprised after knowing that. Following are the key features of Real gangster crime 2 mod apk.

Modern city 

The  Real gangster crime 2 is totally based on the big city. All the missions are and other activities are mostly performed in the city. The area of the city is big and surrounded by the streets. Many people rob in these streets to earn money. People earn a lot of money by just robbing because they don’t like to work. That is why they do it. The colourful light of the city attracts many players and they forget the lights of real cities.

Exciting quests 

Many amazing adventure full missions are waiting for you to achieve the necessary game resources that will prove helpful for you in many serious tasks. When you enter the game consider yourself a part of harsh street life where everyone is doing everything for himself. For survival in the street, you have to become crazy or make a full shooting group. If you want to enjoy street crime and beauty then you have to do all this for survival.


Police are part of this game and play many roles in the city. Like our city here the main purpose of the police is to stop the robbery and snatching in the city. If you do any illegal work the police will chase and in many situations, you have to fight against the police to save yourself. Never stop shooting otherwise police will kill you if you save yourself from the police successfully. You are a pro player in this game. So make the shooting practice with such skill no one can chase you in the game.


You can choose any vehicle from the store for fighting and travelling. If the vehicles you are finding are not available in the store you can also steal anyone.

How to download and install

The process of downloading and installing this game is a piece of cake. Following these steps, you can easily install this game.

  • Go to google and search for the game.
  • Choose any safe website for downloading. You can also download it from this website.
  • If your internet connection is good then it takes less time for downloading because the file size of this is not big.
  • After downloading go to the device file manager and find the download folder.
  • In the download folder, you will see an apk file.
  • Double click on it for downloading.
  • The installation process takes 5 to 7 seconds. It is up to your device.
  • After installation two options will appear to click on done.
  • After that click on the game icon for playing. Now your game is ready to play.
how to download and install

Final thoughts 

The Real gangster crime 2 mod apk is the most popular crime based among the many players. Mostly the people who like street crime are part of this game because in the real world it is not possible for him to do this. You can perform any mission and allow you to do everything that you want to do in the game. The basic purpose of this game is to entertain the people.

Faqs (frequently asked questions)

I have covered all related information about this game and tried to give the answer to all the questions that are mostly asked. If you are still confused or have any questions post in the comment box. We will try to give the answer to your question as soon as possible.

Is it safe to download this game from this website?

Ans. Yes, you can download any game from this website without any hesitation. All content on this website is 100% safe and harmless for your device.

How to download this game?

Ans. Following the above steps, you can easily download and install this game.

Is root required for installing this game?

Ans. No root is required for the installation of this game. Just download and install it.

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