call of duty MOBILE mod apk

Call of duty mobile mod apk (unlimited money and mod menu)

Call of duty mobile mod apk is a shooter video game that is based on world 2. Its first version was released in 2003. In my opinion, there is no need for the introduction of this game because it is the most famous game in the world and has many Guinness world records. For downloading click the below button.


The first version of this game defends against German power. This game attracts many players with its incredible war maps. It contains the most unique maps from other games because it is totally based on war. 

Recently in April 2021 this game sold out its 400 million copies and now earning billion rupees per month. In the United state, this is a more successful video game franchise and the third-best video selling game in the world. Now this game is available in the mobile version for your enjoyment. Now this game is fully optimized for all handheld devices. First, this game was for only PC and laptop users. Now they enhance it for all kinds of devices. If you are a Call of duty lover and want to enjoy its advanced features? Then download the mod version of this game.

Call of duty mobile mod apk

Features of call of duty mobile mod apk 

The call of duty mobile mod apk contains the next-level marvellous features for the entertainment of gamers. For its eye-catching features and realistic graphics, this video game got many awards from all over the world. Like other video games, this application is safe to install and free to play for all gamers. Its mod apk version is compatible with Android devices, probably easy to install and play. Your headache of the update is fixed now because the call of duty mobile mod apk is auto-updated and you do not need to update it. This mod apk version comes with unlocked premium characters, modern weapons, skins, and many more things.

Familiar characters 

There are a lot of amazing things in this game. The first one is familiar characters that were part of the previous version. Many people like and love the old character. They can’t properly enjoy their game without these characters. So that call of duty includes some previous characters in this version. 

Call of duty mobile mod apk

Assuage graphics 

This contains assuage graphics like PUBG and other video games. The animations of graphics are optimized for all kinds of devices. you will never face lagging issues while playing the game.


This game is a cabinet of multiplayer. If you want to defeat people from all over the world, then call of duty mobile mod is for you.  Million players are a part of this game. This basic version of this game is totally free and you don’t need to pay any penny. For premium features and battle passes you have to pay. But if you download the mod version of this you get everything for free.

Call of duty mobile mod apk

No root 

For installing video games or other modded applications you should be rooted. Otherwise, these applications will not be installed. The developer has removed this obstacle from this game. Now there is no need to root your device for installing the mod version of this game. Just download and install the game on your smartphone now.

Call of duty mobile mod apk

Modern weapons 

Many video game players face the issue during reloading the weapons. When they reload the weapons it takes a little bit of time and they can not attack their enemies on time. But you don’t face this problem in this game because it contains the modern weapons that come with an auto-reloading feature. Now you can kill your enemies without wasting any time.


This mod apk version comes with high defence user security now your account will be never banned, delete, or hacked. This version comes with anti-ban features; it means no one can ban this version.

Play with friends 

This is another marvellous feature of this game. Now this game allows you to play online from all over the world. You can also make a team. The benefit of making a team is that you easily achieve the target mission.

Unlimited money 

The COD point is the currency of this game. In the basic version, you get some points after completing a mission or level up. This currency is necessary for purchasing premium staff like upgrade weapons, premium characters, and skins. You will be awarded unlimited COD points in the call of duty mobile mod version. You can not progress in this game without unlimited COD points.

Call of duty mobile mod apk mod menu 

Your mod menu makes your gameplay more enjoyable. You get the unlocked characters, aimbot, auto-reloading weapons, and many more things in the mod menu.

Steps for downloading and installing

Following the below step you can easily download and install the call of duty mobile mod apk on your device?

  • Follow any valid link or go to any safe website.
  • You will see the download button. Click this button.
  • It takes a few seconds to download.
  • Now go to your device download folder and click on the game file.
  • Before installation makes sure you have enabled the unknown source in your mobile settings.
  • When clicking on the game file installation processes will be started. After a few seconds, your game will be installed.
  • Now click on the game icon. Enjoy! Your game is ready to play.
Call of duty mobile mod apk

How to install call of duty mobile apk with 0BB?

If you want to install this game with OBB following these steps you can easily install it.

  • Go to the file manager of your mobile.
  • Then find the download folder of Archiver.
  • Before doing this make sure you have installed an archiver on your device.
  • Now find the file of the OBB archive in the download folder.
  • Once you found a zip archive of the game. Install it by clicking it.
  • A list will appear in which you can see the install option.
  • Then a new window will appear in which click on the install button.
  • The installation process will take some time. It may take 5 seconds.
  • After installation, a window will appear that contains two buttons for open and the next for done.
  • Click on the done button and now your game is ready to play with the OBB.

Important tips 

Here are some important tips that will prove helpful for you to achieve the mission easily. As we know the game is all about shooting enemies, survival, and getting unlimited COD points. If you use such important tips you can easily win the game.

Call of duty mobile mod apk

Select right mode for shooting

This game contains two modes, one is automatic and the other is manual. If you are a pro player then select automatic shooting mode for killing the enemies. If you are beginners you should go with the manual. In manual mode, you click manually on the button for shooting the enemies.

Drone missile 

If you are playing in the multiplayer battleground the features of drone missiles will provide you with progression. On the map using a drone you can easily kill many enemies by throwing the missile. When you kill your targeted enemies you will be awarded some plus points for the next level. The drone will help you to find the correct location of the enemies on the map.


Upgrade weapons 

You can upgrade your weapon when level up and you can also purchase the upgraded weapons by using the COD points. The upgraded weapons come with some advanced features like magazines and stock. These features will also provide you with information on which weapons to use for the enemies.


Height falling 

This is one of the most important tips you should follow. When you fall from the height make sure you are not falling straight. When you fall straight your health will automatically decreased and killing chances will be increased.


Final thoughts 

Call of duty mobile mod apk is a famous shooter multiplayer game. First, it was designed for only PC but now you can use this for android and IOS phones. This game contains the one hundred battle royale battlegrounds, deathmatches, shooter versus shooter fight and you can also play it anywhere. This game also allows you to customize controls and functions. To become the winner of this game you have to love at the end. You fight alone in battle from people all over the world and you can also make a squad for fighting.

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